Automation of Billing Process with RPA

Leading biopharma company transformed their billing process using Robotic Process Automation which reduces manpower efforts

Manufacturer of bio-pharma products and medical devices having presence in over 120 countries.


The Client

The Client is a manufacturer of bio-pharma products and medical devices having presence in over 120 countries across the globe, including USA and Europe. The Client is a pioneer in bringing the benefit of high quality, yet affordable, novel biologics and biosimilars to patients in developing countries and other emerging markets.

The Challenge

The Client receives multiple invoices from business partner(s) in batches and allocates payments as per pre-determined business rules which was done manually through SAP and Microsoft Excel. The Client wanted to automate the billing process to reduce the manual effort.


JKT helped the client in automating the entire business process using robotic process automation. The business workflow was broken down into various logical components and each component was studied thoroughly:

  • To eliminate unwanted manual steps
  • To understand the extent of automation for a particular unit
  • Achieving 100% accuracy

Following this categorization each logical unit was SEWED together to receive an end to end solution for this process with minimum non-value adding steps and greater data accuracy and integrity.

The Benefits

  • Reduced turnaround time by 65%
  • 100% adherence to SLA’s
  • Automated reporting and escalations
  • Handles invoices from different IT systems