Robotic Process Automation in Manufacturing & Healthcare

Leading Manufacturer of Pharmaceutical and Wellness Product , boosts productivity using Robotic Process Automation in their Master Data Management

The client is a healthcare and wellness product manufacturing giant with a global presence.

Manufacturing in Healthcare

The Client

The client is a healthcare and wellness product manufacturing giant with a global presence. 50% of their revenue comes from export markets and they are running operations in 30+ countries. The business is about a century old and is guided by strict norms of quality.

The Challenge

The organization has a booming business and is highly forward thinking in terms of technology adoption. However most of their IT operation is manually driven and suffers latencies and errors leading to cumbersome schedules for their associates. One such process is the bill of material extension process that is a convoluted process in terms of execution involving multiple tiers of approvals and redundant data entries. This takes up around 4 hours daily of the master data support team and they find it hard to manage their bandwidth amidst other tasks. The task is conducted in a batch processing manner which adds to delays and possible inconsistencies in the master data.

The Solution

The JKT RPA consultants and the master data management team did a research on a possible design to make the manned process an unmanned process and came up with a design that guaranteed on time response, velocity and accuracy of data entry. The software bot had the ability to enter and extend finished goods, semi-finished goods and input materials in much cohesive manner keeping the master data always in sync with transactional data.

The Benefits

  • 100% Accuracy.
  • Reduction in Processing Time and Response Time.
  • 100% Straight Through Processing.
  • 24 X 7 availability.
  • Reduction in the dependency on manual intervention.

Future Scope

The client plans on to extend the abilities of RPA to basic administration tasks which can directly benefit through economies of time and expanded capacities. The client also wants to start introducing RPA to their marketing division which struggles with manual tasks of region wise promo generations and tracking. Nurturing the initiative as per the RPA roadmap and revising it with more and more processes, guarantees a higher return on investment and visible cost benefits. This initiative has already generated department wise enthusiasm for RPA and a mindset to look at automating operations thus channelizing resources for better purposes.