‘JKTEPC’, is Now a SAP Qualified Partner- Packaged Solution for EC&O Industry

New Delhi, India – Sept 13th, 2018 – JKT Consulting Ltd. (a wholly-owned subsidiary of JK Technosoft Ltd.) confirmed that its flagship solution ‘JKTEPC’ as a SAP Qualified Partner-Packaged solution.

JKTEPC – A SAP solution for EPC industry helping in improving delivery and outcomes of the project and enable organizations to scale operations for growth. Now, the General contractors, subcontractors and project owners/developers all get benefited from increased productivity, reduced risk and improved communication across stakeholders by streamlining, automating and standardizing project management activities including project bidding, project execution, approvals, project closure and handling.

JKT’s exclusive focus on SAP allows us to deliver top quality solutions and puts JKT in the upper rank of SAP niche partners” – said Giridhar Mallela (India Sales Head @ JK Technosoft).

JK Technosoft works with mid-sized construction companies to help them harness the power of SAP software. JKTEPC is a solution, built on SAP S/4HANA Enterprise management platform, to transform your EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) business from person driven operation to a process-driven business and enable you for the future growth. SAP construction application and technologies provide the best foundation for the growth of any construction industry IT solution and we believe that JKT, in combination with SAP, provides the best value per Rupees of any software solution for the EPC market. We can help your firm achieve optimized operations in the key areas at the core of your construction business, by implementing customized SAP systems.

JKTEPC is a framework that helps you in proactively recognizing business challenges, take action – and stay profitable. It gives you a complete set of tools to manage your overall EPC and EC&O business, whether it is Bidding, Planning, Budgeting or Execution. Deployment of this becomes simpler when you can have the system running in just 120 days.

About JK Technosoft

JK Technosoft, is a global IT services & solutions company and a decade-old SAP partner that provides value-driven services & solutions enabling clients to deliver sustainable & successful products and remain agile in this competitive business world.

JKT’s strategic technology-backed solutions are designed to equip your business with the competitive edge you require. We specialize in delivering customized solutions that use sustaining and next-generation disruptive technologies (SAP S/4 HANA, AI, Robotics, IoT, ML) alongside the underlying enterprise services, application development services, cloud and education services, to ensure your business stays one step ahead of the competition.

Having 100+ customers in over 20 countries, we pride ourselves in becoming long-term strategic partners by continuously raising our bar and investing in customer success. Our team of 1200 inspired experts combines their experience and knowledge to deliver a predictable outcome on every project we undertake, across domains, industries and technologies.

JKT is a part of the JK Organization, a century-old conglomerate and one of the top 10 industrial groups in India with a history of innovation and social contribution.

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