AI Powered Chatbots for Businesses

Apply AI-based Natural Language Processing to build chatbots that can assist customers transact hassle free.

7th March 2019

45 Minutes


Mr. Praveen Kumar
Vice President – Digital

Mr. Shankar Kamra
Technical Lead – Digital

Why Contemporary Businesses Need Chatbots?

  • Growth: Organic & Inorganic growth annually in organizations putting more pressure on Customer Services teams. Increasing man-power exponentially to support the growth is not ideal.
  • Innovation Innovation is the core of the IT strategy of most of the organizations. IT teams are driving efficient and effective solutions to reduce cost of operations.
  • Customer Services: Moving from conventional (yet effective) way of interaction to intelligent interactions with customers. Important to stay ahead of the Customer Service Center’s growth (intelligence & efficiency).
  • Walk and then Run: Phase-wise approach (Ideate, design, prototype, build, feedback – “The Design Thinking”). Mid to long term vision of the AI platform (start with customer service, expand to other areas).
  • Technology: Chat Bots, Omnichannel, Proactive Learning, Self Service Initiative. Integration with ERP/CRP/Other applications.

Where Can Chatbots Be Used? A Classic Example

The Challenge: More than 50% of the calls made by customers to a manufacturer/dealer is to enquire about the status of their order.
Opportunity: Using AI Powered Chatbots, this process can be fully automated with smooth and seamless hand-over to a human agent as needed.

Once the business identifies the use case, technology team needs to deep-dive into the details to establish how the AI Chatbot works, starting from:

  • Programming languages (like Python, NodeJS).
  • AI Middleware Platform (RASA NLU, IBM Watson, Google Dialog flow, Amazon Lex).
  • Integration with CRM system.
  • Integration with other communication channels like Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Infrastructure for deployment.

In this webinar, our expert panel will share their experiences covering above topics along with showcasing an AI-based chatbot assisting the customer service team. The chatbot is built using Amazon Lex and deployed on AWS. In case the query raised by the customer is not defined in Chatbot’s scope, the bot seamlessly hands it over to a human agent.

Key Takeaways

  • How to identify which existing process can benefit from AI Chatbots?
  • How to choose the right toolset?
  • Demonstration of AI-based chatbot.

Join JK Technosoft thought leaders, Praveen Kumar & Shankar Kamra for an interactive webinar on “AI Powered Chatbots for Businesses”.

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