[Webinar] – Social Distancing Radar

[Webinar] – Social Distancing Radar: Smart AI Solution to Restart Your Business

28th Oct 2020

45 Minutes


Mr. Basudev Pal
Director – UK & Europe


Mr. Ankur Gupta
Technical Architect – Digital

The COVID-19 pandemic has unleashed chaos across the globe and as most of the organizations plan to reopen their office premises and start the business operations, they would require a system that can monitor the users movements and identify overcrowded places within the premises.

Social Distancing Radar (SDR) aims to help organizations reboot their business operations using a monitoring system that guarantees a safe and protected environment through an easy plug and play system that can extract data from sources like CCTV camera feeds to continuously monitor users movements, the number of people present at places like conference rooms, common areas like canteen, office cubicles, contact tracing, etc. and raise the alarm if needed.

In this webinar, we will discuss how our Social Distancing Radar, an AI-based solution, acts as an intelligent monitoring system and empowers your business to re-start the operations and provides a safe and secure environment to your workforce.

Key Takeaways

  • How should a business plan their jump-start through the Artificial Intelligence revolution?
  • What is JKT’s Social Distancing Radar solution?
  • What value add SDR will bring to your business?
  • How can any organization make use of the Social Distancing Radar to integrate with the existing surveillance system for a safe and secure workplace?
  • How IT Admin and Security Teams can take advantage of the user-friendly analytical dashboard of Social Distancing Radar?
  • How can any organization install Social Distancing Radar with minimum investment and customization in the existing infrastructure?

Join JK Technosoft thought leader Mr. Ankur Gupta for an interactive webinar on “Social Distancing Radar: Smart AI Solution to Restart Your Business“.

Webinar Timings

UK / Europe
1:30 PM GMT / 2:30 PM CET

9:30 AM EDT

7:00 PM IST