Intelligent Automation

In this era of digital disruption, Intelligent Automation acts as a key catalyst for accelerating digital transformation and enabling a paradigm shift towards a ‘smarter’ organisation. Augmenting human intelligence with intelligent automation unleashes a new wave of innovation that delivers differentiated customer value and expands business possibilities. Our intelligent automation services allow organizations to streamline business workflows beyond the scope of traditional automation technologies.

Business Process Automation Services

With its industry-centric next-generation solutions, JK Tech is committed to making a significant contribution to this digital future by enabling businesses to automate business processes and make informed decisions with data-driven analytics using intelligent automation with integration with machine learning, and artificial intelligence as needed.

Our Intelligent Automation Centre of Excellence with a dynamic suite of Intelligent Automation tools, services, and expertise help you standardize, stabilize and accelerate and expand the automation horizon— thereby, optimizing workforce productivity, redefining the business process management landscape and empowering the end-to-end journey of business process automation.


Intelligent Automation is a holistic solution for the digital transformation of the operational business processes through a collaborative convergence of technologies and strategies.

“As per Gartner, by 2024, organizations will lower operational costs by 30% by combining Hyperautomation technologies with redesigned operational processes.”



JK Tech has a certified center of Excellence with certified & trained practitioners. We have built 800+ automation, 25+ in-house solutions and served more than 30+ Clients.

Our Process

  • 1

    We follow “MoSCoW” approach enabled with Design-Thinking

  • 2

    We create ROI based Automation Roadmap

  • 3

    We enable Software Craftsmanship

  • 4

    We focus on Continuous Improvement

Client testimonial

Batheiah B



Embassy Property Developments Private Limited

"We realized over the last two years that RPA can be a powerful tool to drive transformation, helping us automate business processes. The embassy group chose JK Tech as the preferred RPA implementation partner. Partnering with JK Tech, Embassy has already automated several processes ranging in procurement, finance, HR and IT domains.

JK Tech has successfully enabled our automation journey driving both qualitative and quantitative process improvements as well as ensuring a sustainable way forward. Working with JK Tech, we are able to gain more than 60% productivity so far in terms of both time savings and efficiency improvements."



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