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Noida, India – Dec 18th, 2020 – In an e-Interaction with Amazing Workplaces, Mr. Ankur Gutpa expresses what induced him to develop Social Distancing Radar, what are its key benefits and how an organization can leverage Social Distancing Radar to keep the business operations running while protecting its workforce.

COVID-19 pandemic has brought in several factors for organisations to introspect and evaluate their preparedness towards such challenges and look out for the potential impact on the business operations, supply chain and employee well-being. The organizations are now on a gauged path to address the situation through utilising cloud technology to the optimum level for minimized human interaction and ensure business continuity is in line with employees’ health. But this is limited to certain sectors and functions; sectors such as Manufacturing, Hospitality, Healthcare, Retail Banking and more cannot avoid human interaction in order to continue their operations during such difficult times as well.

What induced you to develop Social Distancing Radar (Social distancing AI-driven software)?

We were determined to come up with an affordable and intelligent monitoring solution to help run businesses during such crisis times as well. “Cost” was also an important factor while considering these difficult times call for solutions that are cost-effective, affordable and can be budgeted-for easily. Thus, the idea of Social Distancing Radar (SDR) was conceived to help businesses automate monitoring and managing social distancing while keeping the operations running. The solution not only monitors user movement with respect to the user traffic flow and crowd density management but also is capable to analyze data to highlight when such guidelines are not followed. In addition, following social distancing guidelines is of paramount importance for every organization. “Social Distancing” guidelines are now becoming the culture of the company inclusive of employees, customers and partners. Be it employees, prospective employees, customers, partners everyone is talking about it, people are more aware and ready to be associated with an organization which is more inclusive and adaptive to times like these.

“While cameras are recording, SDR will provide data points such as presence information, the number of people in each area, where people are located within the field-of-view, as well as the distance between them. This data can be aggregated and analyzed to gain insights on crowd density and user traffic flow.”

What are the key benefits of Social Distancing Radar, how does it work?

Social Distancing Radar helps entities/businesses run their offices/warehouses/manufacturing units during difficult times like COVID, with minimum risk, thus benefiting the overall working style and cost.

No manual effort is needed for monitoring or sending out alerts; SDR eases out the entire process by automating it end-to-end intelligently. It can monitor, detect and raise alerts even integrate with external applications automatically without any human interaction.

  • Easy to plug with any existing surveillance system, while utilising the existing infrastructure including hardware, tools, etc.; SDR can be integrated with the existing infrastructure in their ecosystem with no additional CAPEX cost. SDR is a metadata-driven solution which supports all standard streaming protocol(s) and thus, can be easily deployed in an existing environment with slight investment.
  • It comes with automated intelligent monitoring plus sensing capabilities that eliminates manual effort(s) including security/ administration required to perform monitoring or validation of the raised alerts. This is a machine learning-driven workflow setup that eases the pain and helps the organizations to focus on their day-to-day job.
  • SDR supports both cloud and on-premise infrastructure ecosystem(s) so that organizations invest in a robust graphics processing unit (GPU) only to process the live or recorded feeds and access to internal and external interfaces.
  • SDR is capable to broadcast AI feed back to the existing surveillance system over standard protocols such as Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP), etc. if needed.

In a nutshell, Social Distancing Radar empowers organizations to keep their business operations running during the pandemic through an intelligent automated monitoring system that ensures compliance through a safe and secure premise by easy integrations and data processing i.e. CCTV feed.

  • The deployment and configuration of SDR can be done remotely. The organization can opt-in for in-person implementation but looking at the core of the solution “social distancing” would be a unanimous choice, isn’t it?
  • Secondly, integration with an existing surveillance system, which is a network on CCTV cameras only thing which is needed is “access”.
  • Apply intelligence –
    • Analyze each frame available in a live feed.
    • Apply machine learning logic to each frame and convert it back to video stream.
    • Determine integration protocols.
  • Automated monitoring –
    • Location information
    • Date and Time
    • Type of violation
    • Person details
    • Mask detection, etc.
  • Contact Tracing –
    • Send alert(s) with captured details to Admin/ security team.
    • Send notification(s) to authorities via integration channels.
    • Trigger contact tracing.
    • Update dashboard.

What kind of Organizations can benefit from Social Distancing Radar and how?

SDR can help businesses like the manufacturing, retail, warehouse and distribution operations, public safety, healthcare, or in segments of hospitality like the restaurants and pubs or in places where multiple persons can meet to enforce compliance and enable effective track and trace quickly.

What does the future of Workplaces look like post-COVID?

The post COVID era would be entirely different because the COVID pandemic allowed us to think in shifting the way we work presently, and it will be an opportunity to reshape and reinvent the workplace for the post-COVID-19 era. Companies have realized that remote working can be productive, contrary to traditional belief. Many organizations have already begun to segregate their workforces based on who needs to be in the office, and who can continue to function remotely depending on the nature of their work. Hence, “work from anywhere” would be a new culture and the workplaces will be now more flexible than ever with the right tools, support and strategy while keeping employee safety at the top. But as mentioned earlier certain sectors and functions would have to maintain social distancing guidelines post COVID times too as it has alread

Based on our research and the above-mentioned business scenarios, Social Distancing Radar is developed to be used as a platform to integrate with the existing in-house security/surveillance system and maintain user data privacy.

SDR platform continuously monitors user movements, interactions across floors, and integrates the live feed with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning capabilities. Radar allows a holistic and comprehensive view; for floors within the premises. It helps in securing employees from getting infected and if any type of violation happens it sends a notification to the respective admin/security teams with screenshots, violation type (individual/group) details. This could be the best possible protective measure in this pandemic for organizations and will help them provide a safe and secure environment to their workforce.

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