Ailectric and JK Tech Form a Strategic Partnership to Deliver World-Class AI Services

Noida, India (July 9, 2018) — Taking a firm step in plans to expand their footprint to provide best-in-class IT solutions for a wide spectrum of customers across multiple industries, JK Tech have formalised a partnership with Ailectric.

JK Tech and Ailectric today announce a partnership that expands Ailectric’ s services in the APAC region, and incorporates into JK Tech’s consulting portfolio, a world leader in artificial intelligence and deep learning to enable customers to incorporate more advanced data analytics and achieve improved corporate performance benchmarks.

Through a range of products and services spanning training, consulting, technology licensing, and novel product development, Ailectric transforms businesses to maximize success through the power of artificial intelligence and deep learning. Ailectric has enabled JK Tech engineering teams to offer its customers enhanced capabilities with deep learning solutions, big data preparation and integration, and advanced audio, image, and video analytics.

Dr. Sanku Bose, President & CEO at JK Tech, said: “We are pleased to announce our partnership with Ailectric, that combines JK Tech’s leading business innovative and digital solutions with Ailectric’ s state-of-art AI and cognitive computing capabilities, to deliver high-performing top intelligent AI-Driven Automation solutions to our customers across the globe. Together we’re excited to push the boundaries of AI usage to make every kind of business process run simpler, smarter, and more beneficial.”

Richard J. Barbalace, CEO of Ailectric, added: “We are grateful for our growing relationship with JK Tech and enthusiastically welcome the opportunity to serve them and their customers. JK Tech’s global presence, along with their advanced software development centres, provides excellent reach to energize and expand the services of both companies worldwide. Ailectric’ s top-notch expertise in artificial intelligence is a natural complement to JK Tech’s extensive experience with business process automation, and will accelerate the adoption of AI technologies to improve corporate results across a broad range of industries.”

About JK Tech

JK Tech is a global software service and solutions company enabling clients to deliver sustainable success by providing value-driven services & solutions. JK Tech’s strategic technology-backed solutions are designed to equip your business with the competitive edge you require. We specialize in delivering customized solutions that use sustaining and next-generation disruptive technologies (SAP S/4 HANA, AI, Robotics, IoT, ML) alongside the underlying enterprise services, application development services, cloud and education services, to ensure your business stays one step ahead of the competition.

Having 100+ customers in over 20 countries, we pride ourselves in becoming long-term strategic partners by continuously raising our bar and investing in customer success. Our team of 1200 inspired experts combine their experience and knowledge to deliver a predictable outcome on every project we undertake, across domains, industries and technologies.

JK Tech is a part of the JK Organization, a century-old conglomerate and one of the top 10 industrial groups in India with a history of innovation and social contribution.

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Transforming all industry through the power of AI.

As the top AI start up in Louisiana, Ailectric has the vision to create smarter industry:

  • We bring artificial intelligence and apply machine learning to new domains;
  • We develop novel deep learning technology to innovate manufacturing, diagnostics, safety, supply chains, commerce, cybersecurity, and healthcare; and
  • We provide advanced analytics for sound, signals, image, video, and text.

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