Covid-19 Pandemic: How Will It Transform Hiring and Other HR Practices?

Noida, India – Nov 27th, 2020 – Mr. Shyam Verma expresses his thoughts on how hiring and talent acquisition is undergoing a revolution and what strategies to be implemented to assess talent better and make hiring much more effective and fairer.

The prevailing pandemic has hard hit the economy, created unprecedented circumstances for organizations and affected the global job markets. Amidst all this chaos, one of the most important areas which is undergoing a revolution is hiring and talent acquisition. As the economy rebounds, HR and Talent Acquisition professionals are redefining the hiring strategies for the right talent during this current phase. The impact on the recruitment cycle has led HR Professionals to unlearn and relearn the talent landscape and approaches to workforce planning and reframing HR policies.

As organizations continue to work from home, the recruitment process led by technology has been supporting hiring and businesses continue to explore different ways to assess talent better while making hiring much more effective and fairer.

Reframing and Strengthening the Talent Management Strategies

Talent management strategies and HR policies need to be relooked and should be inclusive of the current situation keeping in consideration the recruitment process, onboarding processes, employee engagement as well as retention and performance

Digital Hiring by Leveraging the Tailor-made Technologies

Technology will dominate every department. To leverage the right mix of technologies and adopt them accordingly, HR leaders must choose from a range of platforms and leverage technology that fits in to innovate and improve the hiring process, candidate experience and attract the right talent pool.

To establish a digitally enabled recruitment process the organization must switch from offline sourcing and screening setup to online and virtual sourcing and screening process. Since the pandemic has put certain constraints, HR professionals need to opt for virtual technology for interviews and campus drives. We, at JK Tech, have initiated automation practices and digital inclusion to simplify our hiring & recruitment process. Moreover, the hiring processes include evaluation factors such as flexibility in work schedule, the mix of the right skills and responsiveness towards crisis management.

Employee Orientation

Post-hiring, the traditional onboarding process and managing new hires should be done virtually by adopting AI/chatbot to improve efficiency. Furthermore, training of the newbies to enhance their digital capabilities and inculcate the skills to be adaptable and resilient is a must in order to make them ready for upcoming challenges and enable them to contribute and reinforce their roles in the organization.

Employee Experience and Work-life-balance

Talent acquisition strategy plays a vital role in employee experience, employee engagement. , maintaining work-life balance and mental health & the well-being of employees which are driven by the culture of trust, transparency, integrity and establishing a reciprocal relationship between an employer and employee.

According to the Gartner HR Survey, 41% of Employees will prefer to work remotely at least some of the time Post Coronavirus Pandemic. Thus, leading and managing remote work may be challenging so exhibiting a clear plan for maintaining communication with each member of the team is a very essential and vital part and two-way communication should be practiced.

Employees’ mental health and well-being is another important factor which needs to be taken care of in this work-from-home routine. At JK Tech, we organize bi-weekly employee engagement activities, monthly knowledge sessions, quarterly leadership meet-ups and more to for a highly engaged workforce. Work-life balance is equally important in work from home culture as well, thus a proper work from home policy has been defined to give employees flexibility in setting up their routine.

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