JK Tech Accelerates Its Brand Transformation Pace, Unveils Logo

New Delhi, Aug 17 - JK Tech has unveiled their new brand identity on the summit of Mount Everest.

JK Tech has announced the launch of their redesigned corporate website, new Logo, refreshed brand identity, which will be their first rebranding after two and a half decades. Their website features a clean and modern design, with seamless and simplified user interface, portraying JK Tech as a young and vibrant organization. JK Tech made their statement clear when they revealed their new logo on the summit of Mount Everest.

JK Tech Unveils Its New Logo at Mt. Everest

The new branding features a curation of primary and secondary colors. Primary colors evoke the values that JK Tech as an organization strive to stand for i.e., tranquility, security, stability, and reliability. The secondary colors bring other aspects of the brand identity to the forefront. They symbolize calmness, a new beginning, energy, and ambition.

Aloke Paskar, chief executive officer and president of JK Tech saidJK Tech 2.0 shows the world that we are always ready to redefine and reinvent ourselves. It also emphasizes on the fact that we are a young and vibrant company that thinks on its feet. The unveiling of our new logo on the summit of Mount Everest, by itself, is a testament of who we are and how we want to portray ourselves. With us, you can imagine a future that promises progress, through innovation, agility and customer satisfaction.

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