JK Tech and SAP Helping Organizations Build a Future-ready Digital Foundation Through RISE with SAP

Noida, Oct 27 – With a commitment to empowering Indian business to manage their most complex and mission-critical workload, JK Tech one of India’s booming IT solutions and services organization along with SAP bring RISE with SAP to fast-track the digital transformation of its customers.

As the pace of the digitization process needs to be fast and predictive in this competitive market, JK Tech will provide businesses the flexibility to choose their digital journey through this offering.

By bringing RISE with SAP to its customers JK Tech aims to help modernize, standardize and optimize their workloads through programs like S4/HANA Cloud, Business process intelligence, Business Network Starter Pack, and Embedded Tools & Servers.RISE with SAP offerings can accelerate the digital transition with features like simpler commercial Models, faster implementation, and adoption of innovations, and management of technical operations & software.

JK Tech offers businesses unparalleled design simulations, and business analysis to understand existing users and system data enabling customers to transition faster and gain more value. This coupled with RISE with SAP will provide customers a completely new way to redesign processes for better business outcomes with S/4HANA Cloud, S/4HANA Extended Cloud, or Private Edition.

JK Tech’s partnership with SAP goes beyond two decades. While SAP is process-driven, JK Tech customizes the application and makes it more agile and user-oriented. With the integration of RISE with SAP, we will be able to accelerate that transformation process and provide a more enterprise-friendly solution.said Tanuj Singh, Global Alliance & Marketing Head.

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