JK Tech Appoints Dipankar Ganguly as Chief Technology Officer

Noida, Sept 8 – JK Tech has announced the appointment of Dipankar Ganguly as Chief Technology Officer. He brings with him an extensive experience of around three decades in various roles in the IT industry.

In his new role, Ganguly will be responsible for devising the technology strategy to increase profitability and implement major technical decisions for the company.

Ganguly has worked with technology companies like IBM, CAPCO, iGATE and Ness Digital Engineering, according to a statement.

Aloke Paskar, President & CEO, JK Tech, said, “Dipankar is a visionary with an ideal balance of frontier technologies and business domain, which will be essential for us to build our business smart centre of innovation. Under his direction, JK Tech will continue to innovate on techno-business solutions that will provide our customer’s value-based service.

Dipankar Ganguly, Chief Technology Officer, JK Tech, said, “Having worked closely with leading brands in the IT sector, I have seen how an effective technology plan can help boost business growth. At JK Tech, my endeavour would be to create a balance between technology and business domain to create solutions that are fit for purpose and not boil the ocean for our customers.

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