JK Tech Participates in Retail Digital Summit by GDS: Set to Unveil Future-Ready Retail Solutions and Innovations

LONDON, Aug. 29, 2023: JK Tech, a global provider of next-generation Digital and Business Consulting Services has announced its participation in the upcoming Retail Digital Summit organised by GDS. The event is scheduled for September 05-07, 2023. JK Tech will be showcasing its gamut of retail technology solutions that are specifically targeted at the challenging scenario in the UK and European retail markets. With the potential of enhancing customer experiences, optimizing operations, and driving growth, the solutions provide insights into how businesses can navigate this evolving landscape successfully. The summit will bring together industry experts, and technology innovators, and will serve as a dynamic platform for them to delve into pivotal topics, including refining e-commerce strategies, revolutionizing retail supply chains, elevating customer experiences, and embracing the transformative power of digitalization and the metaverse in the retail industry.

The JK Tech team comprising Tanuj Singh, Senior Vice President & Head- UK & Europe Business, and Raj Basu, VP - Retail & CPG Solutions will be contributing their expertise to the summit's discussions and sessions. The AI-led Hyperautomation solutions leveraged with the power of Data can help retailers realize business value for their Digital Transformation initiatives. The solution suite focuses on Hyper-personalized Customer Value Management, Pricing and Promotion Recommendation, Supply Chain Optimization, and Intelligent Demand Fulfilment Solutions.

In a statement, Tanuj Singh, Senior Vice President & Head- UK & Europe Business, JK Tech, says, "We are excited to participate in the Retail Digital Summit organised by GDS. As a company at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge technology solutions, JK Tech has a proven track record of helping businesses embrace digital transformation to stay competitive in today's fast-paced market. With the retail industries in the UK and Europe undergoing significant disruptions, JK Tech is set to present its comprehensive range of retail technology solutions, strategically tailored to address the demanding conditions within the said markets. This is a testament to our belief that it is crucial for businesses to adopt innovative strategies that enhance customer engagement and streamline operations. JK Tech's presence at the summit underscores its commitment to shaping the future of retail through digital innovation, sharing insights on navigating a rapidly evolving landscape, and leveraging cutting-edge technology for sustained growth and success. We look forward to engaging in meaningful discussions and sharing our perspectives on driving retail excellence through technology."

About JK Tech

JK Tech is a next-generation Digital and Business Consulting provider enabling clients globally to navigate their Digital Transformation. The organisation stands by its vision of being 'committed to a superior experience' with its customers, its people, and its social environment. JK Tech offers specialised capabilities across Healthcare, Retail & Consumer products, and Insurance with its niche Hyperautomation solutions leveraging Data and Analytics that help improve their performance and create lasting value across its enterprises. To learn more, visit www.jktech.com. Find JK Tech on Twitter, LinkedIn.

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