JK Tech Supports the Initiative “Photography for Social Change” by the Photography Club of India

New Delhi, Jan 10 – Under the CSR Initiative, JK Tech sponsors the 5th International Photography Exhibition & Contest to promote photography as a passion among the next-gen.

JK Tech, a global provider of digital transformation services, will be supporting the 5th International Photography Exhibition & Contest under its CSR initiative. The exhibition is being organized in Kolkata from 19th – 23rd January 2023 by the Photography Club of India. The company is continuing to encourage next-gen by building a passion-driven millennial workforce through social value creation. As part of its CSR policy, JK Tech will be sponsoring the Photography Club of India in its initiative to drive social development by motivating young individuals to pursue photography that can act as a medium of change.

Taking ahead the belief that pursuing hobbies can be instrumental in maintaining a work-life balance, JK Tech has simultaneously initiated various interest-pursuing groups called TRIBES. While pursuing their passions, these tribes attempt to create a larger impact and create sustainability with respect to the organization’s holistic approach. One of them is the Clickr Tribe which is the photography community, that encourages teammates to share their favourite captures and sharpen their skills by learning more about photography through peer interactions.

Commenting on the association, Tanuj Singh, SVP & Global Head of Marketing and Alliances, JK Tech, said, “The CSR policy at JK Tech focuses on value creation for the society. We are excited to associate with the 5th International Photography Exhibition & Contest. Through this, they plan to adopt schools and colleges beyond the city limit to coach the young generation to leverage photography skills & techniques. We are confident that this step will motivate the millennials to pursue their passions along with the careers that they decide to pursue.

Adding to this, Sabyasachi Nath, Director, Photography Club of India, said, “We are excited to partner with JK Tech and are thankful for their gesture of support. We are hopeful that we will succeed in our endeavor of nurturing the hobby of photography in youngsters which will eventually result in social change.

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