JK Tech to Help Enterprises Unlock the Value of QAD Application Portfolio

Noida, India – July 10th, 2021 – Following a recent partnership with QAD, Tanuj Singh, Global Head of Marketing and Alliances at JK Tech, says they will be able to provide top-of-the-class solutions to their customers.

Tanuj Singh - Global Marketing & Alliances Head

Q. Please share details about the partnership with QAD and the benefits to both JK Tech and QAD?

A. Through our Global Consulting and Implementation Services partnership with QAD, JK Tech will offer solutions across QAD Adaptive Applications portfolio including QAD Adaptive ERP, to customers globally.

Pairing QAD’s comprehensive portfolio of Adaptive ERP and our business expertise and experience in manufacturing will help transform our customers digitally.

Q. After your partnership with QAD, what are the advanced technical solutions that you will be able to offer to the manufacturing industry?

A. JK Tech will provide functional consulting, implementation, and support services for QAD customers globally and offer multiple benefits to clients through our QAD center of excellence. We will be offering Application Management Services, Database, Infrastructure, Migration, and Implementation Services. These solutions enable a new level of efficiency in business operations.

Q. How will your enhanced solutions benefit the manufacturing sector at large?

A. A recent Gartner survey revealed that manufacturers are currently going through a difficult phase in their digitization journey towards smart manufacturing.

The pandemic disruptions were handled successfully by the manufacturing CIOs through strategic technology decisions. CIOs can make use of this situation, to shape a more data-driven, user-specific, and resilient enterprise.

QAD Adaptive ERP combines manufacturing ERP software and provides chain capabilities with a contemporary platform and user experience, delivered within the cloud, to assist manufacturers in better identify and address change in their industry.

JK Tech will help enterprises unlock the value of their QAD application portfolio, with the power of intelligence, innovation, and industry knowledge. We will be able to provide top-of-the-class solutions to our customers with our expertise, tools, and accelerators, through our center of excellence.

Q. Please explain about QAD Adaptive Applications portfolio of solutions including QAD Adaptive ERP and its need in the manufacturing industry?

A. Ever-changing technology is driving manufacturers to be Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprises. In addition, the pandemic has accelerated the journey towards Adaptive ERP. Manufacturers need a solution that is rapid, agile, and effective.

QAD Adaptive ERP combines manufacturing ERP software and supply chain capabilities where the ERP is secure and supply chain solutions are easy to deploy, extend and scale. Basically, it is a flexible platform adhering to industry best practices coupled with adaptive user experience (UX) and advanced technology capabilities to enable digital transformation.

QAD Adaptive ERP is the core application in QAD Adaptive Applications portfolio. Every manufacturer is unique and so would be its needs and challenges pertaining to supplier relationship management, EDI, e-invoicing, demand planning, asset management, customer self-service, analytics, quality management and more. QAD Adaptive Applications offers a proven set of solutions that can be fully integrated with QAD Adaptive ERP with respect to the needs of the manufacturer. The applications are highly reliable and available on the QAD cloud. Most of these applications can be deployed on-premise, alternatively.

Q. What are the other solutions you offer?

A. JK Tech offers next-generation solutions tailored to an enterprise need; to help them embark the digital wave. Our tailored customer-centric solutions across manufacturing, automotive, retail & consumer products, healthcare coupled with Modernization and Automation capabilities, enable clients in their digital transformation.

Established in 1994, JK Tech helps deliver ERP value at the intersection of business and technology and has substantial experience in consulting, designing, implementing, and supporting enterprise applications.

Our highly skilled teams have more than two decades of industry experience in applying process innovation and technology design, enabling companies to design, implement and operate the core processes that are imperative to run a business.

Q. What’s your take on the transformation in the manufacturing industry with respect to digital solutions?

A. Digital transformation has redefined the manufacturing industry in the way it processes, operates, and distributes. The Digital Wave will gain more traction, thanks to cloud-based flexible solutions and advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL), Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain and Analytics to drive growth and profitability.

Digital manufacturing takes account of manufacturing operations while leveraging digital technologies. Combining robotic process automation (RPA) with AI and ML will give the power and flexibility to automate undocumented processes relying on unstructured data be it in the areas of order management, payments, inventory and warehousing, logistics or pricing analytics.

In addition, harmonizing the IT environment, IT modernization and rationalizing and/or replacing legacy systems would be a key enabler towards the Industry 4.0 journey.

Q. Why are cloud-based services needed in the manufacturing industry?

A. Manufacturing companies need to be agile, hence “cloud” and “cloud-based services”. An ERP solution that is secure and yet adaptive opens new avenues for manufacturers. Cloud ERP is easy to implement, manage and modify, allows quick adoption of technologies like IoT, AI, Digital Twin and more, possesses rapid deployment capabilities, throws real-time data and adopts and implements industry best practices faster and of course has potential for future scale and growth.

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