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Noida, India - Apr 26th, 2020 - The current pandemic and nationwide lockdown have affected people all across the country, especially the marginalized section. JK Tech as a responsible corporate citizen takes a step to serve the weaker section of the society, in order to help them survive this unprecedented calamity.

Lending a Helping Hand During Covid-19 Pandemic - JK Tech

With the outbreak of COVID-19, there is a situation of emergency all over the world. Every spectrum of society has been affected by the ongoing lockdown in India as well. Migrants and daily wage-labourers have been majorly affected by the lockdown due to the lack of employment opportunities. JK Tech a global software solutions company is actively working towards supporting the marginalised sections of the society in Kanpur by providing them with basic necessities like cooked food packets as well as raw materials like wheat, pulses, etc., to over 2000 people daily. Under the noble initiative, JK Tech is working to aid as many people as possible. The company personnel is providing cooked food comprising of six chapatis, vegetables, and pickles, that are cooked under strict sanitized kitchens at two centres with each centre contributing 1000 packets per day. The company plans to continue this initiative until the lockdown period continues.

Additionally, the organisation has started to distribute raw material which will comprise wheat flour, pulses, white flour (maida), edible oil, sugar, and salt along with basic hygiene products such as soap and hand sanitisers. The company plans to continue this activity until April 30, 2020, in order to reach out to maximum people and help them in this crisis situation.

Commenting on this initiative Satish Gupta, Executive Director, JK Tech said, “Government is doing their best to safeguard its citizens in every possible way to overcome the ongoing pandemic situation. Amid such a global humanitarian crisis, the organization needs to stand united with the focused legislature to battle out the Novel Coronavirus.” He further added, “We have a responsibility towards the society, especially during such a crisis. We do not want anyone to go hungry, thus we have started with this initiative to feed the daily wage earners as they are the ones who have been heavily affected by the lockdown. We are doing the best in our personal capacity to serve as many people as possible. This pandemic has affected over a million people worldwide with every nation adopting redressal and preventive measures including nationwide lockdown hitting poorest the hardest with no basic supply to fall upon.”

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