Seceon & JK Tech Announce Joint Webinar Series, Cyber Security for the Digital Era

New Delhi & Westford, Mass. (PRWEB) December 17, 2016 — JK Tech, a global IT services and software solutions company providing world class solutions to SMEs and large enterprises.

Seceon, the only threat detection and management company to visualize, detect, and eliminate cyber threats in real-time, have announced a webinar series on “Cyber Security for Digital-Era – AI, Machine Learning and Dynamic Threat Models for Proactive Threat Detection and Elimination,” scheduled for January 11th – Wednesday and January 12th – Thursday. This webinar will illuminate how to deploy these next-generation technologies strategically to identify real threats within minutes and act on them immediately.

Compromised credentials and insider threats account for 75 percent of data breaches according to the 2016 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report. In fact, in 98 percent of these cases, credentials are compromised and critical data lost just minutes after the breach. Staff and resource-constrained CXO’s faced with protecting valuable corporate data are quickly realizing that existing cybersecurity solutions are not designed to detect and prevent threats like this in real-time. Seeking advanced technologies to protect and defend corporate assets, CXO’s are interested in leveraging user behavioral analytics, machine learning and in-memory processing for data collection, analysis and automated prevention in real-time, but are challenged with how to deploy them strategically for rapid breach detection and response.

JK Tech is a strategic partner and a value-added reseller of Seceon’s innovative Open Threat Management (OTM) platform, the industry’s first fully automated threat detection and remediation system. Leveraging Seceon OTM, JK Tech can automate the disjointed, time-consuming and often complex tasks of threat monitoring, detection and elimination for clients, freeing staff to address issues quickly without disrupting focus on broader initiatives. Installed and operational within a few hours, Seceon OTM provides a single application that automatically detects known and zero-day threats as they appear while filtering out non-critical issues, and notifies staff of critical alerts, directs actions, or automates actions to contain the threat.

“We are truly excited to showcase the power of artificial intelligence combined with machine learning to protect our customers’ information assets from malicious intruders and de-risk business continuity,” stated Dr. Sanku Bose, CEO of JK Tech. “Our partnership with Seceon enables us to deliver real-time security for our customers within hours of installation, protecting their business against dangerous threats and defending against costly attacks.”

“In this webinar series JK Tech customers will learn about solutions that help automate threat monitoring, detection and elimination, increase overall traffic visibility and assess and respond to corporate vulnerabilities,” said Chandra Pandey, Seceon founder and CEO. “Our combined efforts are designed to enable more customers to see and stop these threats as they happen and before they inflict damage.”

JK Tech webinars are an attempt to keep all informed about the latest technology, trends, and share next-gen ideas being discussed within the JK Tech community. Check out our Cyber Security for Digital Era webinar.

About JK Tech

JK Tech is a global IT services and software solutions company; providing world-class solutions to SMEs, start-up dot coms as well as some of the world’s largest organizations. At JK Tech we are driven by a simple yet powerful tenet of providing “Total Customer Satisfaction”. JK Tech is a part of the 100-year-old JK organization, a $4 billion group and one of India’s largest conglomerates.

JK Tech is an ISO 9001, ISO 27001, CMMI compliant, SAP AMS certified company with patents registered for IT service processes and solutions.

About Seceon

Taking a new approach to conventional threat detection and management, Seceon helps today’s enterprise detect and stop both recognized and never-seen-before threats when they happen, instead of days, weeks or months later. Leveraging intelligent data collection and analysis, Seceon’s Open Threat Management platform provides unmatched visibility across the entire network—from users and devices to applications and flows— surfacing only the most relevant threats in real-time and the means necessary to eliminate them immediately. To learn more about Seceon’s comprehensive, Open Threat Management platform, please visit or call (978)-923-0040.

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