Using Conversational AI and AI-Powered Chatbots is a New and Growing Trend

Noida, India – Sept 15th, 2020 – An e-interaction of Mr. Praveen Kumar, VP-Digital & Innovation, JK Tech, with the editor of NCN magazine.

Q. How AI-powered conversational chatbot helps to expand the e-commerce industry?

A. The E-commerce vertical is one of the most relevant sectors for Conversational AI. Truly Digital companies have already started leveraging the power of Conversational AI in everyday operations. With the current critical conditions, the significance of Conversational Chatbots is set to increase further. The typical sales representative of the Pre-COVID period is being gradually replaced by E-Catalogues and Digital FAQs embedded in Intelligent Chatbot. Devices like Alexa, Siri & Google Play have made Conversational AI a house item, and people are really comfortable in using them.

Q. How Chatbots can help in amplifying customer-centric practices and improved customer experience?

A. Most research studies have proven that the right information at the right time is key to success in any industry. Imagine a scenario where you are looking for a SmartWatch and Customized Alexa Engine tells you not only about the products available but also their minutest details. Today, AI frameworks have the capability to integrate with various existing software of organizations and provide a customer-centric experience in real-time. With some customizations, chatbots could be integrated into ERPs & CRMs to remember customer’s order history, provide recommendations, etc. For large organizations selling in multiple markets & geographies, Conversational AI comes with multilingual options and dialect recognizer.

Q.Can AI-Powered Chatbots use technical assistants in place of humans and provide a real-time response for 24X7?

A. While it is a well-known fact that chatbots run 24/7, the true potential of their cognitive capabilities is lesser realized and leveraged. Conversational AI-based Chatbots could be used to impart product information, book rooms, make appointments, place orders, query order status, place a replacement request, to name a few. In a nutshell, with the right set of training data, AI-Powered Chatbot could do many tasks that a Technical Assistant would perform. One of the most common use cases of chatbots in service desk function is, provisioning and de-provisioning. Whenever a new user/employee/contractor joins an organization, the person needs to go through a series of onboarding steps. This includes Induction, access to the facility, internal systems, databases, etc. Chatbots are helping automation of these processes by up to 95%.

Q. Can AI-Powered Chatbots provide Safe payment options while shopping through e-commerce portals?

A. AI-Powered Chatbot provides the same features as Online Shopping E-Payments. Two-factor authentications (Mobile- & Email-based OTP System) could be integrated and built into the logic of the AI. These are as safe as using your normal e-commerce buying and have the same security standards. We know a few cases where Conversational AI is being used in banks to transfer money, Making Payments of Rents/Tickets & more.

Q. How AI chatbots help to accurately map user information and behavior, and foster buyer loyalty?

A. As I mentioned earlier, the Conversational AI could be integrated with your existing Loyalty program(s), AI-based Consumer-based predictions, Customer Lifetime Value, Social Media, etc to impart the best possible Customer Journey. The Chatbot maintains the history of each chat session and retrieves it in real-time for each customer. Hence, the information is accurate and comes from a central data repository, the customers do not have to wait in queues for the retrieval of information from various sources. Chatbots are mostly equipped with customer sentiment analytics modules. Also, there are independent services available to be integrated with chatbots to provide sentiment analytics from leading platforms like AWS, Azure, Google, etc. In case the information is distributed in Silos, we recommend using the end-2-end automation solutions using Chatbot, AI/ML, and RPA.

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