We’re Changing the Organisation from Ground Up: Tanuj Singh on JK Tech Revamp

New Delhi, Sept 29 - JK Tech, an information technology company has rebranded itself with a new corporate website and logo, its first rebranding after two and a half decades. Even the website has got a new look, offering a seamless and simplified user interface, portraying JK Tech as a young and vibrant organisation.

Tanuj Singh, Global Marketing & Alliances Head, JK Tech

Their focus has always been to deliver unrivaled modernization and automation services, helping customers unlock digital adaptation in its full potential. The new brand identity will reaffirm the vision for the company, employees and their business partners and customers both current and new. The company has an ambitious and well-laid-out plan for the next 5 years with a focus on the US, UK and India markets. With a strong foundation of a well-experienced group of leaders who are mentoring the company, the company is confident of reaching its milestone.

In an exclusive interaction with Adgully for our column ‘TALKING INSIGHTS’, Tanuj Singh, Marketing and Alliances - Head, JK Tech, speaks about the rebranding exercise and how they are constantly innovating on the technology front to stay ahead of the competition.

Q. What was the need and purpose for a fresh brand identity for JK Tech? Have you also redefined your vision and mission and drawn out a new corporate strategy with the change in corporate identity?

A. JK Tech has embarked on a transformation journey, where we are changing the organisation from the ground up. This is the first time such an activity has taken place in over 20 years, hence it’s a drastic step. We want to be known as a new age, young, innovative organisation that is appealing to millennials. As we wanted to make the brand more social media-friendly, we decided to refresh the brand identity and make it more digital. The rebranding exercise also helped us to adapt and reinforce the company’s vision and mission among employees and customers. It re-instated our market offerings and positioning, which primarily differentiates us from our competitors.

Q. After how many years have you decided to go for this rebranding exercise? Could you elaborate the thought process and the idea about the new corporate identity?

A. This rebranding has been undertaken for the first time in 27 years and is a part of JK Tech’s next 5-year plan, laying the groundwork for the company’s future growth. With a new team comes a new way of thinking and this is what the rebranding exercise was all about. The process was quite lengthy, which involved laying out and comprehending the future aspirations of the organisation and in accordance redesigning the brand. We wanted the whole organisation to be part of this, hence we conducted multiple internal surveys before finalising the new logo.

Q. How did you communicate your new rebranding exercise to your stakeholders?

A. We undertook a 360-degree communication method to ensure that the right message is conveyed to the right set of target audience/ stakeholders. This included the following:

  • Elaborate and integrated Social Media planning before and after the launch.
  • Strong press mentions and activities.
  • Unique logo reveal on the summit of Mt Everest. First ever company to do so.
  • Continued effort for strong brand presence on Social Media.
  • Communication to partners, customers and stakeholders.

Q. There has been a huge transformation on the digital front. How has your company adapted to the new digital world and on the product front have you introduced any innovations and launched them?

A. The pandemic has proved to be a fantastic digital catalyst for the IT industry. At JK Tech, we have taken the digital leap with all our solution and service offerings. JK Tech’s Centre of Excellence is always developing and reinventing itself to keep up with global trends, with an emphasis on our new solutions in modernization, hyperautomation, and dairy innovations. We are working closely with our partners QAD, SAP, Progress & Mendix to build proprietary accelerators to help our customers modernize their IT landscape. On the hyperautomation front, we have partnered with Evolute IQ, a new age product company which combines RPA, AI/ML, iBPMS and automated process discovery. We also have a unique dairy solution, which has been custom-built for the dairy industry based on our experience working with multiple dairies across the globe.

We have a thorough grasp of the demands and desires of our customers’ businesses and we keep on innovating based on their feedback.

Q. While most companies are still in the WFH mode, there are some tech companies who are planning to open offices. What are your plans on that front?

A. JK Tech is an employee-first organisation who puts employees’ safety first. We have trust in our employees and have given the freedom to finish tasks at their pace. For now, we are working from home and depending on employee safety and opinion; we will decide when to re-open.

Q. Technology companies and brands have performed well. What’s the future going to be and what’s your take on AI and ML? Can you also upon touch on your growth strategy for the next 3-5 years?

A. Several technologies have accelerated the pace at which the tech industry is growing. Some interesting trends to note are:

  • Pandemic accelerated Digital Transformation
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has radically altered the way we work. Organisations have had to figure out how to swiftly integrate digital solutions so that remote workers can be productive and efficient. Companies have increased the pace off the digitization of their customer and supply-chain contacts, as well as their internal operations.

  • Early adaptors have succeeded
  • In the commercial world, early adopters take a significant level of risk because they are utilizing a product or technology that has not yet been perfected. They frequently pay a premium for the opportunity to be the first to experience a product. But along with the risk, comes the first-mover advantage as they are able to understand the technology before their competitors.

  • AI and ML changing as we speak. Constant innovation is the key
  • AI & ML is a broad tool that allows people to rethink how they combine data, analyse it, and use the ensuing insights to make better decisions – and it’s already affecting every aspect of life. It is a technology that is revolutionising every aspect of existence. It’s a versatile tool that allows people to rethink how they integrate data, evaluate it, and use the insights to make better decisions. Our goal with this comprehensive review is to explain AI to policymakers, opinion leaders, and interested observers, and to show how AI is already changing the world.

    JK Tech has a well-laid-out plan for the next 5 years with a focus on US, UK and India markets. With a strong foundation of a well-experienced group of leaders who are mentoring the company, we are confident to reach our target.


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