Are you like most retailers who have loads of data, but lack a smart solution & strategy to drive it into profitable business decisions?

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JK Tech has been transforming retailers by helping them unleash the potential of fragmented, dispersed & underutilized data to achieve business excellence.

Business environments are changing rapidly with the changing consumer behavior. And the retail industry is no less with technological & other macro-economic disruptions driving the need for transformation across Merchandising, Supply Chain, Marketing, Store Operations & Customer Experience. Today’s retail landscape is predominantly shaped by demanding customers who seek convenience, customization, consistency and value delivered at every touchpoint.

You are at a crucial juncture reimagining your relationships with customers through data-driven insights and setting the bar high for the competitors.


"Global Retail Analytics market projected and growth from USD 5.84bn in 2021 to USD 18.33bn in 2028 at a CAGR of 17.7%”

(Fortune Business Insights)



Success depends on data-driven insights, decisions & optimization solutions delivered relevant to the personas.

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While retailers have access to an abundance of data to help them sail the complex retail landscape, but lack of a strong data strategy and the absence of smart analytics solutions make enterprise-wide data insights and retail business transformation a challenge.

Advanced Analytics offers a 360-degree view of customers through which retailers can make tailored offers & recommendations based on behavioural traits, preferences and peer group insights.

Right from investigating supply chain movements, customer demands, patterns, sales, inventory levels and other retail functions, Advanced Analytics enables business decisions to be precise and objective for all key retail business processes, by providing data-driven insights.


Our offerings are well aligned to the 3 key dimensions of taking retailers fast ahead in the Next Normal.

Retail Service Offerings at JK Tech

Our Solution Accelerators Enable You with Faster Go-To-Market

Demand Forecasting Icon

Demand Forecasting

Assess and understand accurately customer demand patterns for your products with the help of predictive analytics models.

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Inventory Optimization Icon

Inventory Optimization

Balance the working capital tied up in inventory with immaculate data-driven strategies and service-level goals across SKUs & stores.

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Sales Intelligence Icon

Complete Sales Intelligence

Address business and operational queries from cross-functional departments with readily available reports in an interactive dashboard.

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Drivers Modeling Icon

Drivers Modeling

Analyzing drivers of demand from internal & external sources.

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Sales Planning Icon

Sales Planning

Optimizing for each market/store for each product.

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Data Consolidation Icon

Data Consolidation

Identifying the right sources and building the database with sufficient history.

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Replenishment Planning Icon

Replenishment Planning

To minimize market/store level inventory without losing sales opportunities.

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Forecast Model Building Icon

Forecast Model Building

Using econometrics, time series and machine learning techniques.

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Our experts bring in a vast base of knowledge and years of practical experience to help you with the end-to-end data to decision cycle — from strategy to implementation, so you can make the best use of data and leverage it to solve complex business problems and find even greater success in the competitive landscape.

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