Artificial Intelligence

During the Digital Transformation process, Artificial Intelligence is used to teach machines to detect different patterns and adapt to new circumstances and can be both experience- and explanation-based.

Artificial Intelligence does not need any introduction today. Organizations are utilizing the decision-making ability at the any AI implementation. Machine learning and trained data models are helping with predictive analytics and guiding businesses towards better ROI of their investment.

JKT’s AI/ML expertise helps businesses in many ways, leading to the introduction of innovative technologies and more advanced concepts of artificial thinking. Through a statistical- and data-driven approach to creating AI solutions, we identify key business processes as target to help our customers to invest in high value assignments.

We help businesses adopt AI solutions which changes the way they use computing services and every aspect of computing behavior has been influenced by machine-learning algorithms that remember everything from our choices in music subscription services, to our desired merchandise in online shopping.

The AI has lot of potential to increase business value across various industries and is being achieved with the help of various AI technologies like Machine learning, Deep learning, Chatbots, Robotics, Voice assistants and NLP etc. Today if we look around, almost every business industry can benefit from Machine learning. Machine Learning systems are used to provide customer service, forecasting, fraud detection, and even requirements. Deep learning which is part of Machine learning is now being used for data mining to do data analysis over large amounts of raw data and turning it into useful information.

For example in financial domains like banking and trading, data insights allows businesses to learn more about their customers, develop better marketing strategies, increase sales and decrease costs. Robotics are growing their market share in Manufacturing Industry and helps business by executing recurring tasks, such as applying coatings or moving objects around warehouses. Recents reports suggests that next-generation robots, including collaborative robots (cobots) and service robots, are projected to account for two-thirds of unit robot sales by 2025, up from 22 percent in 2015. Sentiment analysis using NLP technologies is widely used by the organizations to get the broader picture about their products and services from the customer’s point of view.

Some of the work we have done

  • AI/ML based Job recommendation engine for one of our clients in Europe.Also, we have been actively developing Predictive and Recommendation engines for the domains like Insurance , Retail,Supply Chain and Manufacturing.
  • Personal Voice Assistant (VA) in Mobile Application for our existing customer in Travel domain. The user can now query about his next departure and schedule of particular rains directly using voice commands.
  • Beacon-based Proximity Solution for a client for showing advertisement,discounts and recommendations based on user segments and user historical data.
  • Business insights from big unstructured data using NLP,deep learning and data analytics .
  • A Chatbot solution to automate the existing customer service process for our customer.

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