Social Media Radar

SMR is one of the JKT Smart business analytics solutions which combines world-class business information and technology patterns with market-disrupting innovation.

In today’s world, most of the organizations across the globe are using social media – directly or indirectly for marketing, branding, and customer relationship management purposes. However, the majority of these companies struggle to understand and measure the ROI with their current social media strategy. Hence, it is vital for businesses to listen and comprehend the “Voice of customers” – to define their social media strategies and goals to get the most out of the virtual world.

JKT social media radar as a social media sentiment analytics solution, helps organizations to gain insights on market and customer perceptions on their brands, products & services – by integrating structured and unstructured data quickly and affordably from diverse social media sources providing a user-friendly cloud Integrated platform for harvesting, segmenting and visualization of their social feeds and sentiments. In nutshell, SMR empowers businesses to jump-start their journey of social media analytics exploration and implementation of Customer Sentiment monitoring use case to accelerate dramatically time to value at a reduced cost on a powerful cloud platform built on an in-memory appliance.



SMR is an advanced open could analytics tool, which collects, analyze (TDP), index (NLP) and present unstructured social media data from diverse sources like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube and RSS feeds. SMR has a user-friendly cloud Integrated platform as the Visualization layer which provides various analytical insights of the Voice of Customers on social platforms through many angles as shown below:

  • Control Center: Users can drive the analysis from the front-end IDE and can create their own keywords and the preference of social media platforms which can be further deciphered in different perceptions like:
    • Mentions: shows the social media presence over time.
    • Sentiment: provides the sentiment (VoC) in existing presence the spread of VoC under positive, negative and neutral across channel, geo and gender wise.
    • Channels: Channel-wise, sentiment-wise and gender-wise analysis of Social media feeds in line with time.
    • Top Discussed: Top Discussed points/topics/subjects, both positive and negative.
    • Top Influencers: Lists out the real influencers from the voice of customers.
    • Top Influential Posts: Lists out the real influential posts that affects social media presence across the globe.
    • Top Trending: Integrated with google trends which lists the mentions in global platform and reasons on what Customers googled?
    • Locations: Geolocations from which the VoC are being generated out from?
  • Custom dashboarding facility is also provided so that customers can customize visualization as per the business needs.

Common Social Media Use Cases

SMR – Social Analytics Use cases

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