Application Managed Services for a Multinational Automotive Company

DotThe Client

The client is an American multinational automotive supplier. With more than 130 years of experience, the client supports the automotive industry in realizing clean propulsion and provides efficient technology solutions for light, medium and heavy-duty vehicles as well as off-highway applications.

DotThe Challenges

The Client dealt with the below challenges:


  • Need to Upgrade Legacy System:
    The client had been using an older version of QAD across multiple geographies which were not supported by OEM (Operational Equipment Manufacturer).

  • Inefficient Database Performance:
    A huge volume of historical data occupied the maximum database space. The client was using an older version of Progress 4GL Environment due to which they were facing issues in database performance.

  • Need to Automate the EDI application:
    The custom-built EDI application which was used for the exchange of data with other applications for day-to-day business transactions was not integrated with any application. The order placement for the various customer and the count of acknowledgment on several orders loaded and failed was needed to be automated. Also, the advance shipping notice and invoice to be sent on time with 100% accuracy via an automated EDI process.

  • Discrepancy in Data:
    The client was performing the order creation process twice (one in ASP .NET and the other in QAD), due to which there was a discrepancy in data.

DotThe Objective

The client being an innovative and sustainable mobility solutions provider for the vehicle market needed to minimize manual process and cost and maximize efficiency and profit. It sought an IT service provider who can guide and support the company to automate and simplify its business processes. JK Tech provided expert guidance and created IT strategies, ensuring that the client’s objectives were met.

DotThe Solution

  • JK Tech team migrated the application from QAD’s older version to the latest version that supported the OEM.
  • For the database optimization, we implemented the delete/archive process to archive the historical data and reduce the database size.
  • Migrated all the databases from Progress V9 to Open Edge 10.
  • EDI e-Commerce solution was migrated to QAD EDI-e-commerce that could be easily integrated with any third-party system. This resulted in the acceptance of huge EDI orders with 100% accuracy into the ERP system automatically. Furthermore, it also helped in providing acknowledgment to the customer on time via an automated EDI process. The advance shipping notices and invoices were also automated by this EDI process.
  • We integrated QAD & .NET Systems for the order creation process to avoid data discrepancy.

JK Tech Key Involvements

Fig: JK Tech Key Involvements

DotThe Benefits

  • The delete/archive process implementation optimized the database by 25%.
  • Database limitations in Progress V9 were overcome in open edge 10.
  • Implementation of the QAD EDI-e-commerce project eliminated the manual follow-up process for customers and suppliers.
  • Due to Exchange Repository, there was a 30% reduction in manual validation of EDI errors.
  • The solution enabled the client to view the data repository in e-commerce and analyze the issue and rectify it at the earliest.
  • Reduction in data entry of orders by interface automation.
  • The invoice processing was performed timely manner with 100% accuracy allowing the client to process which our client is able to process huge orders effectively.

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