Automating Financial Reporting by Leveraging Qlik Sense

Eliminating manual intervention and providing 100% data reliability.

The Client

Headquartered in the United Kingdom, the client is a leading multinational corporation specializing in equipment and services for Agriculture and Construction.

The Challenges

The challenges faced by the client were:

  • Too much time and effort were spent by BI analysts to consolidate, analyze, report on, and interpret excel files to get business insights.
  • Entire work process had become time-consuming and tedious due to the manual intervention that was required for data analysis.
  • Lack of a single source of truth & the issue in Data reliability.
  • Lack of interactive analysis and drill-down capabilities.

The Objective

Being a multinational corporation, it is essential to step up the game so as to remain ahead of the competition. The client’s biggest pain point was too much manual activity and unreliable data. The company has a variety of source systems and data was downloaded and viewed as excel reports. Therefore, the client wanted to leverage business analytics to improve operations, increase customer satisfaction, and continuously optimize business decisions.

The Solution

JK Tech being a solution expert partner automated the complete model by providing all the reporting requirements on the Qlik Sense platform.

  • The Solution was to build an enterprise reporting platform using Qliksense.
  • The complete model was automated and data was refreshed at the specified times without missing current data.
  • This also enabled external Dealers and stakeholders to access the information in the form of reports sent across to them through NPrinting.
  • Dealers were confident in the dataset received since it is no more a manually manipulated file.
  • All the business logic was implemented in Qlik Sense to achieve the desired insights and metrics.
  • All the calculations were performed on the Qlik Sense, so businesses did not have to perform further manual calculations.
  • The end-to-end automated process, improved data reliability.
Solution Diagram:

The Benefits

  • 100% data reliability due to significant improvement in data quality.
  • 0% manual intervention lead to time and cost saving.
  • The report enabled the users to slice and dice for interactive reporting empowering users to understand data better.
  • External stakeholders now have access to on-time data from the client.
  • The solution provided was highly scalable for further features and functionalities.
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