Enhancing Data Management with AI and Blockchain

Empowering collaboration and tailored extraction for confident data handling and revenue growth

The Client

The client helps owners and managers prepare private market assets for the digital evolution through products and solutions that deliver a seamless workflow for data-rich, low-frequency trading private market assets.

The Challenges

  • Users were required to analyze and extract data manually from extensive unorganized documents, leading to increased time consumption and potential human errors.
  • The types of documents weren’t clearly labeled or organized.
  • Handling and maintaining the integrity of sensitive and valuable data proved challenging.
  • There was no tool to quickly view the extracted data from large documents all in one place.
  • Inability to create various reports using the information gathered from the documents extracted.

The Objective

The goal was to make managing data easy and efficient. We wanted to organize and store data to make it accurate, reliable, easy to access, and safe from unauthorized access. We used various methods and tools to achieve this, ensuring that data was well taken care of throughout its life. Additionally, we aimed for seamless management of the data across the platform, leveraging unstructured data to add meaning and value to it.

The Solution

  • Automatic Extraction Process: AI-powered document processing automates data extraction from unstructured documents, reducing analysis time and minimizing errors, thus enhancing efficiency and accuracy.
  • Classification of Documents: Document categorization using machine learning to classify documents according to predefined criteria. By training a model with labeled data, the system recognizes patterns and features, automatically assigning uploaded documents to appropriate categories. This streamlines document management, enhancing efficiency.
  • Data Security and Integrity: This solution integrates extracted data with blockchain technology, enhancing both data security and integrity. Creating a tamper-resistant record of document transactions strengthens the safeguarding of valuable information.
  • Utilization of Extracted Data: To address the challenge of generating various reports using extracted document data, the solution leverages the stored data in the client database. By storing the extracted data, the system can generate diverse and meaningful reports tailored to specific requirements and parameters, enhancing flexibility and usability.
  • Annotation and Collaboration: Users collaborate on document annotations via an overlay screen for real-time editing. Extracted data is highlighted for easy identification, facilitating efficient review and modification. Users can directly edit or supplement this data, ensuring enhanced accuracy and completeness.
Business Process Diagram:
Enhancing Data Management with AI and Blockchai-01

The Benefits

  • The solution significantly improved data processing efficiency and accuracy from documents, resulting in a 70% decrease in processing time and a 30% reduction in error rates.
  • Data structuring facilitated better comprehension and usability, enabling clients to generate meaningful reports efficiently. This resulted in a 40% faster retrieval of specific data points and a 35% decrease in the time taken to generate reports.
  • Collaborative annotation ensured accuracy and fostered effective error management, guaranteeing thorough review and precision in extracted data. This led to a 30% increase in data accuracy and a 50% faster resolution of errors through real-time collaboration.
  • Users had the flexibility to customize extraction processes to their specific needs, empowering them to choose and save templates according to their preferences. This resulted in a 40% reduction in template creation time and a 60% increase in user template utilization.
  • Responsible data handling, including blockchain integration, fostered trust and positive relationships with clients, ensuring transparency and confidence in data handling. This enabled a 15% increase in client satisfaction ratings and a 30% improvement in client trust metrics related to data handling.
  • The solution empowered clients to boost earnings by attracting more customers and enhancing product appeal, facilitating extensive marketing efforts. This resulted in a 20% increase in revenue from new customers and a 25% increase in market reach due to enhanced product appeal.
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