Improving Process Time and Integration Through Bulk Update Automation

Saving time and increasing client’s productivity by 90%.

The Client

The client is a top provider of integrated business solutions, benefits management, and risk management with a technological edge and is established in the United States, with operations in over 80 countries. The company offers a wide variety of resources in the casualty, property, marine, benefits, and other lines.

The Challenges

The major challenge faced by the client was that the manual process of customer record keeping was time-consuming and costly, as the client was utilizing many resources to keep the work going.

The Objective

Whenever a new customer was added to any office, the user security team prepared a spreadsheet manually with access records for every user of that office. The same was then uploaded to the application to create access records for each user. This used to take a couple of weeks for an average of 1000 users for the complete process. The major objective that the client wanted to achieve was to modify multiple records and do other works at the same time, thus saving time and cost.

The Solution

JK Tech’s expert solution team analyzed the problem and provided the best solution to automate their business.

  • During analysis, it was identified that the permission record creation process can be automated in the form of Bulk Update instead of having manual upload.
  • The team built up a Bulk Update tool that can add/delete multiple users’ access records with a single click.
  • A UI Screen (Bulk Update Screen) was designed for ease of interaction with the process. A single office can have around one million permission records and users can search these records using a combination of any 8 fields available on this screen for searching purposes.
  • Bulk update tool is best suited for processing many permission records at once.
Solution Diagram

The Benefits

  • The bulk-update process solution provided by JK Tech’s expert team takes 5 to 10 minutes for the same process that was taking at least 1-2 weeks to complete before. Thus increasing productivity by 90 %.
  • This tool is useful in not only the situation where a new client is added but also when the client needs to change any access type for every user of that office.
  • This screen can also be used to delete access records of the same user group or to generate a user access report.
  • The tool can be used for reporting purposes. The operation team can search the access records for any client/office and export the search results.
  • Through Bulk update- user interface screen, the user can make changes in a single click and perform multiple tasks on a single screen.
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