Improving Supplier Processes and Simplifying Data Integration for Seamless Internal Processes

Enhancing Efficiency and Accuracy by overcoming Middleware Challenges in QAD Validation

The Client

The client is a distinguished North American player in the private beverage sector, specializing in the production and distribution of fine wines, premium spirits, and popular ready-to-drink beverages, including a leading hard seltzer brand. The company’s diverse product portfolio, combined with seamless distribution services, has positioned it as a key player in the industry.

The Challenges

  • QAD receives supplier data through Qxtend, facilitated by the MuleSoft interface.
  • The client specifies that new suppliers in QAD must be created based on different entities, with a designated prefix from the Generalized Code.
  • MuleSoft, operating on the SQL database, faced a challenge in directly implementing the creation of new suppliers in QAD.
  • Achieving the client’s requirements necessitates mandatory data synchronization between SQL Databases and QAD databases.
  • A substantial challenge arises in coordinating MuleSoft to perform QAD functional validation, given the inherent differences in querying the SQL database instead of the QAD database.

The Objective

Optimize the Supplier Maintenance process in QAD by implementing JK Tech’s solution, utilizing pre-processing and post-processing in QXtend. The goal is to automate the creation of suppliers with entity-specific prefixes from the Generalized Code, overcoming challenges posed by MuleSoft’s querying the SQL database. Ensure seamless data synchronization between MuleSoft and QAD databases.

The Solution

  • Our solution incorporates two key phases in Qxtend, namely pre-processing and post-processing.
  • Pre-processing occurs before storing data in QAD from MuleSoft. During this phase, we validate records to ensure data integrity before it is committed to the QAD system.
  • The post-processing phase follows the storage process. Here, we validate and potentially modify records before finalizing their storage in the QAD system.
  • Before addressing the specific client requirement, a Proof of Concept (POC) was conducted. The outcomes of this POC played a pivotal role in informing the development and implementation of our solution, addressing the identified business challenges effectively.
Business Process Diagram:
Improving Supplier Processes and Simplifying Data Integration for Seamless Internal Processes

The Benefits

  • Suppliers can now be created with a designated prefix based on the entity specified in the Global Configuration Management (GCM) for select bank codes.
  • Previously, the manual creation of suppliers was necessary for specific bank codes and entities. The new process streamlines this, automating the creation with the appropriate prefix.
  • This enhanced process is implemented for both Canadian and U.S. domains, providing a standardized solution.
  • The pre-processor program is adept at handling cases where other entities or suppliers lack a designated prefix, ensuring comprehensive coverage.
  • The value-added feature integrates seamlessly with Master Data Governance for QAD validation. The MuleSoft integration team overseeing QAD validation can leverage this functionality effectively.
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