Modernizing Electronic Health Record & Practice Management Application for Enhanced Customer Experience

Upgrading the base platform for improved performance, redesigning the platform in micro-frontend & micro-services for Scalability, Faster Time to Market (TTM), Improved Customer Experience and Ease of maintenance.

The Client

The client is a leading healthcare technology solution company in the US providing innovative technology, quality services, and strategic partnerships that help practices grow profitably, improve patient outcomes, run efficiently, and remain compliant with federal and state regulations.

The Challenges

1. Legacy and monolithic application architecture leading to the challenges in-

  • Maintaining the application.
  • Adding new features to the platform.
  • Long release cycle while the other competitors are able to release new products/features quickly which led to potential business loss.
  • Enhancing customer journey which is making difficult to acquire new businesses.

2. In the transformed world, the adoption of mobile devices is very high. So it’s very critical for the customer to have all the features being available in mobile devices for better customer interaction with added features like Voyce.

3. Performance due to old code and database versions which also was deterrent for modernization of the application.

4. Moving from on-prem to cloud in Linux servers.

The Objective

In the current pandemic situation, the customer realised to transform their IT application landscape for:

  • Existing customer retention.
  • New customer acquisition through better reach.
  • Entry into the new business areas primarily driven by the new normal situation across the globe.

With this vision, they aimed to overhaul application architecture and design enhancements of their proprietary Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Practice Management (PM) platform for making it more user-friendly, flexible, focus on the faster rollout of multiple new practices (TTM), scalability and reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

The Solution

With JK Tech’s deep knowledge of the customer platform and extensive experience on .Net, Progress, micro-services and micro-frontend, we provided an end-to-end solution for the customer to rehaul the entire platform in line with their vision. Our solution steps included:

  • Upgrade from Progress Version 11.7 Classic to 12.2 PASOE (LTS).
  • Electronic Health Record(EHR) & Practise Management UI Modernization.
  • Re-architect the platform in micro-services and micro-frontend. This helped the client create decoupled and independent applications. The upgrades and rewriting parts of the frontend, including architecture, dependencies, and user experience, can now be achieved incrementally and performed as required instead of having to stop everything and upgrade all at once. Furthermore, the processes could also operate independently and evolve on their own without requiring excessive coordination.
  • We implemented the multitenancy features which kept the data of each end-customer highly secured and private.
  • Windows to Linux migration.
  • End-to-end seamless DevSecOps implementation. This provided greater flexibility in managing sudden changes during the development lifecycle and minimizing vulnerabilities.
  • End-to-end automation of testing significantly improved productivity.
  • Simultaneously enhancing the current platform with features, critical for businesses.

The Benefits

  • Common business logic layer for all the providers (or set of providers).
  • Modernized UI Hosted on AWS Infra. Single deployment Used by all the providers.
  • Users will access the application through Browser and mobile.
  • Specific APIs will be exposed in public for Business Expansion.
  • Single code base developed across all mobile platforms leading to ease of maintenance.
  • Voyce or similar tool will be used for Dictation.
  • SMS gateway to be implemented for sending SMS to staff/doctors.
  • Overall implementation duration to reduce drastically by ~40–60%.
  • Database performance is expected to improve by 50%.
  • For common code base and business logic, the overall TCO should reduce by 30%.
  • Expected business growth is manifold due to enhanced customer experience, scalability and TTM.
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