Modernizing IT Systems Using SaaS Digital Technologies

DotThe Client

The client is a leading global manufacturer and distributor of high-quality shower doors, tub doors; shower enclosures and acrylics shower bases. The company is very well known for off-the-shelf and custom shower door solutions with sleek modern style and impressive high value. They are passionate about smart and visionary design delivering affordable luxury bathroom solutions to the bath and shower marketplace.

DotThe Challenges

With the dynamic changes taking place in the technologies, the client was required to be flexible, adaptable and scalable in terms of customizing and improving their IT systems for best use. The client was seeking to recruit an IT Services & Solutions Partner carrying the expertise and experience that would lead them towards digital transformation. The major challenges involved:

  • Manual Sales and Support processes within Salesforce were very time-consuming.
  • There was a need for integration with key external systems with Salesforce for easy data movement.
  • The quick turnaround time to deploy features to Planning Research Organizing and Delivery (PROD).
  • Migration of the Salesforce system to the Lightning platform with mobile accessibility.
  • Use of AI technologies to enhance the customer experience.

DotThe Objective

The primary business value of the client was to ensure consumer satisfaction, exceptional quality of products and overall excellence of the team members. Hence, to align to such a highly demanding market scenario and to address current economic changes there was a need to modernize the IT Systems using the latest SaaS Digital technologies including Salesforce CRM, AWS AI Services and Sage X3 ERP.

DotThe Solution

JK Tech as a Solution Partner of the client was desired to modernize its Salesforce CRM system as well as those linked to Salesforce through effective integration technologies. In addition, there was a need to use AI and machine learning in order to provide the customers with smarter customer service across channels.

To address the unique challenges faced by the client JK Tech team put up a dedicated team of experienced professionals in Salesforce and Digital technologies. The Salesforce team worked closely with the client team to automate a lot of their Sales and Service processes. The digital team started working with them to modernize their customer service experience using AI technologies while closely working with Salesforce.

The major solutions provided involved:

  • Custom Lightning platform apps inside Salesforce for automating Return Order processing as well as retrieving order details related to cases. These include a responsive app used by the warehouse team through their iPads as well as an app used by the customer support team.
  • Responsive and mobile-ready apps inside Salesforce that are accessible anywhere through any device.
  • Implementation of Salesforce Service Cloud with Omni-channel support inside a single console that allows the customer support team to access all relevant information about the customer.
  • AI-enabled Chatbot was developed with AWS Lex and AWS Lambda services and closely integrated with Salesforce Omnichannel service.
  • Integration of Salesforce with Sage X3 ERP and MS SQL Server database for bi-directional data flow.
  • Automation of SQL Server jobs including enhancements to Riversand MDM tool.
  • Custom feature development, enhancements, Rollouts, CR’s and issue management using CI/CD process for Salesforce development.
  • Providing design & architectural guidance and support to the client team.

JK Tech AI Chatbot with Service Cloud

Fig: JK Tech AI Chatbot with Service Cloud

DotThe Benefits

  • Smart and enhanced customer service for existing customers through AI Chatbot. A unified view of the customer inside the Salesforce Service Cloud console which improved the productivity of customer support agents by more than 25%.
  • Automated business processes inside Salesforce for ease of use by Sales and Support teams have significantly improved their efficiency.
  • Quick turnaround time for PROD releases ensuring that critical features can be addressed faster. Release cycles have reduced by almost 50% ensuring frequent feature releases as per business needs.

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