QAD Application Management Support and Employee Onboarding Process Automation

A Leading US-Based Medical Device company digitizes its operations and boosts productivity by 80%.

The Client

The client is a leading US-based medical device company focused on delivering innovation to improve the quality of life for patients suffering from debilitating chronic pain.

The Challenges

  • Whenever a new employee joined the organization, the traditional manual onboarding processes were carried out by HR, IT and facilities teams.
  • The process of creating user profiles for the new employees and granting access to the company QAD ERP system was tedious and labor-intensive.
  • In addition, there were no controls or check in the process which led to incorrect record assignment. This made the process clunky.
  • As the client was expanding its presence, there was a need to streamline and automate the manual processes. This automation would not only improve efficiency but also establish a process and/or protocol for requesting and terminating access.
  • The client desired to make the process seamless with minimal intervention while retaining approval controls with supervisors.
  • There was no real-time visibility of the operation due to a lack of sync between QAD ERP System, Salesforce and the third party purchase requisition management system. The was also a need for QAD production support.
  • Extended time and error-prone manual work by Customer Service Support Team for managing product pricing rules.

The Objective

A seamless onboarding experience plays a vital role in integrating employees with the company processes and culture. The client being one of the pioneers in their domain desired to implement intelligent automation to digitize their employee onboarding process for a frictionless experience.

In addition, the client also sought help for QAD Application Management support to streamline the operations.

The Solution

1. Automating Onboarding Process:

JK Tech team strategized a client-specific solution in the form of Robotic Process Automation to streamline the unsystematic onboarding process. They devised an innovative solution using RPA, interfaced with Jira to aid in request monitoring, execution and tracking.In the QAD ERP system, all new user creations, as well as user deactivations, were part of a single centrally coordinated solution. The team evaluated the “as-is” process end-to-end and recommended an optimized workflow. The RPA based solution was designed to derive process efficiency. To automate the process, the following steps were performed by the bot:

  • Grant access to a new user or terminate the access of the exiting user.
  • Identify the request type and retrieve details from the ticket.
  • Trigger notification to the approver.
  • Update ticket details once resolved and close the ticket.

Post implementing the solution the client was able to reinvent and repivot the existing manual onboarding process to create a new experience that was error-free, faster and enabled new hires to immediately commence with their work.

2.QAD Application Management Support:

JK Tech, being a leading QAD partner, supported the client and devised an approach to address the business concerns. The QAD ERP System was integrated with Salesforce and a third-party purchase requisition management system. This streamlined the operations and helped with inventory control, monitoring the supply chain, tracking shipments and managing the finances.

It also provided essential visibility to teams, keeping everybody on the same page and any issue or feedback can now be addressed simultaneously. Furthermore, to manage product promotion rules, the product pricing data integration was performed with SalesForce via Qxtend which significantly reduced time and manual work.

The team also helped with the production support and helped the users with troubleshooting application issues and addressing bugs or user interface problems.

The Benefits

  • Turnaround Time Reduction – Earlier each user creation or termination used to consume ~30 mins while after automation, the same is attained within 5 mins culminating in an efficiency and productivity gain by ~80%.
  • Accuracy – Bot acted exactly as per the business rules with all the actions with 100% accuracy.
  • Cost and Resource Reduction – Software bots helped in reducing manual intervention as well as cost savings of 2 FTEs.
  • Eliminating the Manual Task – 100% reduction in human/manual errors.
  • Reduction in Data Load Time – Reduction in data load time by 20%.
  • Streamlined Operation and Increases Visibility – Increases visibility and control over inventory with real-time updates of customer needs.
  • Enhanced Data Handling Capability – 25% increase in large volume data handling capabilities.
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