Self Service MIS Reporting System

A leading Music production company reduces manual effort by automating the MIS Report Generation mechanism.

The Client

The client is a leading music production company and the largest foreign-owned music label. It is one of the most preferred destinations for artists, media and trade due to its stable and high quality of leadership, and appreciation for talent.

The Challenges

The data is one of the most important assets for an organization, hence there was a need for proper management of data, starting from the collection of data, integration of multiple data streams, and then further analyzing and using it for decision making to derive actionable insights. The major challenges faced by the clients were:

  • A lot of human efforts were put in to generate the reports due to manual intervention, which was time-consuming and error-prone.
  • There was a need to build a dashboard that would convey the insights in plain sight.
  • Difficulty to get accurate real-time information.
  • Make business users get acquainted with the new tool and report viewing culture, post automation of the MIS reporting system.

The Objective

The entertainment sector being one of the most dynamic industry is adapting the latest technologies and the modern ways of running a business. It is very important for a business to deliver customer-centric, demand-driven content, and make decisions that are in sync with the market trends. This is where the MIS reporting system plays an integral part in making key decisions for top-level management.

The client aimed to have a fully automated MIS Report Generation mechanism with no manual intervention in terms of generating the Key performance indicators and Key reports for efficient decision making.

The Solution

JK Tech as a solution partner overhauled the complete reporting culture using tableau by combining multiple redundant reports and enabling the business to drill down to the finest detail of information.

The Datasets from Various sources like SQL, MS Excel & Oracle were combined in Tableau efficiently using Data Blending Techniques to satisfy Cross reporting needs. The Business KPI was calculated on the fly in Tableau without generating any lag in rendering the visualization. The Dashboards were built to slice and dice the information to the finest detail as per the user’s needs. Comprehensive row-level security was implemented in Tableau in order to abstract the information based on relevance.

The Reporting solution was scaled to manage multiple data sources with seamless integration and the Key Business group can now make the decision more efficient.

The Benefits

  • Achieved 100% accuracy of information with meaningful insights.
  • Reduced 100% of manual efforts spent in generating consistent, secure, and error-free reports. Since the Data replication, Reporting generation are all automated in Tableau.
  • Better visualizations of reports find deep insights and apply to operations.
  • The solution enabled centralized visibility of all data, helping management to take decisions in a prompt and efficient manner.
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