Simplifying Data Storage by Building a Secure and Efficient Data Ecosystem

Overcoming Fragmentation, Enhancing Security, and Improving Accessibility

The Client

The Client produces and distributes analytical laboratory equipment. Scientists and engineers in various fields and businesses utilize clients’ technology. With its headquarters in the UK, it does its operations in the international market. It has production facilities in the Netherlands, the UK, China, and the US.

The Challenges

  • Data Fragmentation and Dual Access Points: Data was dispersed across SharePoint Online and Infopedia, hindering centralized management and accessibility. Users had to navigate between SharePoint and Infopedia, impacting efficiency and user experience.
  • Inconsistent Permissions: Varied permissions across technologies posed security risks and compliance challenges.
  • Untagged Technologies Data: Lack of tagging made it difficult to categorize and retrieve technologies and product data efficiently.
  • Absence of Data Administrator: The absence of an administrator led to unstructured data management processes.
  • Lack of User Interface: Without a user-friendly interface, accessing and managing data was cumbersome for users.
  • Fragmented News Publication: Targeted news dissemination was challenging due to the absence of a centralized platform.

The Objective

To tackle issues related to fragmented data management and accessibility, we proposed centralizing data repositories, standardizing permissions, implementing tagging systems, appointing administrators, creating user-friendly interfaces, and facilitating targeted news dissemination to improve efficiency and communication.

The Solution

  • Centralized Data Repository and Single Access Point: Introduced a unified data repository to consolidate information from SharePoint Online and Infopedia. Provide access to all Active Directory users from a single platform, eliminating the need for multiple logins. Also, supported the client with migration.
  • Standardized Permissions: Implemented a consistent permissions framework across all technologies and products to enhance security and compliance.
  • Technologies Data Tagging: Tagged technologies data with relevant terms to improve organization and retrieval.
  • Appointment of Data Administrator: Assigned a dedicated administrator to streamline data management processes.
  • Development of User Interface: Created a user-friendly interface for seamless data access and management.
  • Centralized News Publication: Integrated a feature for publishing news on technology pages for target audiences, enhancing engagement and communication.
  • Unit and System Testing: Provided ongoing testing support to the client, including writing test cases, executing tests, analyzing results, and troubleshooting issues.
Business Process Diagram:

The Benefits

  • Efficiency Gains and Simplified Access: Centralized data access and management streamline operations and improve productivity. A single access point enhances convenience and reduces complexity for users.
  • Enhanced Security: Standardized permissions mitigate security risks and ensure compliance.
  • Improved Data Organization: Tagging technologies data facilitates efficient categorization and retrieval.
  • Structured Governance: A dedicated administrator ensures structured data governance and adherence to policies.
  • Enhanced User Experience: A user-friendly interface simplifies data access and fosters user satisfaction.
  • Targeted Communication: Centralized news publication enables effective targeted communication with specific audiences.
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