Internet of Things

Internet of Things is revolutionizing the world to make it smarter and better. IoT is a network of connected devices with an ability to collect and exchange data using embedded sensors. It helps organizations optimize their business processes and add value to their end customers by integrating digital technology with physical assets.

JKT has a focused and dedicated team of IoT experts and have provided impactful IoT solutions to customers across Supply Chain, Retail, Hospitality etc. We handhold customers in their journey of implementing IoT solutions right from the stage of identifying the platform, aligning the technology/tools, developing POCs to realize ROI early and then implementing the complete solution, followed by adequate post implementation support.

An IoT device is a stand-alone network-connected device that exchanges data with other devices and cloud-based applications on the network.

JKT has experience and expertise in wide range of IoT platforms, tools and technologies, encompassing open source platforms and customized solutions to help businesses create and capture value.

By 2020, it is predicted that the investment in Internet of Things (IoT) solutions by consumers, governments and businesses worldwide will be more than $6 trillion. Organizations can realize the benefits of IoT across processes for –

  • Real time monitoring of machines and devices, thus optimizing the maintenance process.
  • Enhance customer experience by collecting and disseminating targeted information.
  • Safety and protection against threats.
  • Collecting and analysing relevant and real time data for effective decision making.
  • Identifying and optimizing the usage of brownfield IoT devices.
  • Transforming and streamlining business processes by reimaging their core and leveraging smart devices.

The scope of IoT applications is vast and cover logical, as well as abstract opportunities for business. JKT can advise organizations in identifying areas that directly impact the critical business challenges and assist in addressing the same by leveraging future ready solutions.

Iot Tools & Technologies We Are Proficient In:

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