ServiceNow Professional Services

Every industry needs a system that manages its processes to reduce the error, improve visibility, gain IT staff and end-user experience. JKT team understands how ServiceNow helps businesses to get up and run swiftly.

We at JKT believes that the most efficient and effective way to innovate and transform existing processes and infrastructure is by responding to end-user needs.

ServiceNow Capabilities

ServiceNow Capabilities

Service Offerings

  1. Service Portals – Enhance the user experience by enabling delivery of apps to employees via modern and easy to use portals from any device at any time using the ServiceNow Service Portals. Here we can add the details from the design thinking prospective and able to connect the end-users.
  2. CMDB – Understand the organization’s IT environment to gain better visibility of the infrastructure and services for better decisions using the ServiceNow CMDB. This is a really a vast area and the best way to put it on the website is som.
  3. Discovery and Orchestration – Automate tasks, making the business effective and efficient enabling agility and insights using the ServiceNow Discovery and Orchestration.
  4. Application Integrations – Create value for the organization by addressing problems faster and seamlessly by integrating resources across the organization using the ServiceNow integration.
  5. Custom Application Development – Automate manual and mundane Business Processes by building new applications and extend existing ones using the ServiceNow automation engine.
  6. Asset Management – Enable the organization to better manager assets, reduce costs and mitigate risks using the ServiceNow Asset Management.
  7. IT Service Management – Gain a strategic advantage by consolidating IT tools, automation and real-time visibility into organizational functions using the ServiceNow ITSM.

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