How to Stay 10 Steps Ahead of Retail Competitors?

In this recorded webinar, understand how product pricing monitoring & competitor tracking help the strategic ability to achieve that competitive edge & optimize your retail business ROI.

This Webinar will provide you with insights about:

  • Monitoring Product Pricing and competitor-tracking.
  • Analytics and insights on competitor pricing & promotions.
  • How to use competitor data to reprice your products at scale?
  • How to detect competitor strategy and avoid the “race to the bottom”?
  • The need to compare the assortment of a brand to competitors in the market.
  • Tracking Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price compliance by resellers.
  • Product mapping using the latest techniques.
  • Also, competition analysis offers many other benefits that you should not miss!

You can access the Presentation here:

Retail Webinar – How to Stay 10 Steps Ahead of Retail Competitors? from JK Tech

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