Road to Progress Legacy Modernization – Making Architecture & Technology Decisions

Many organizations are still using IT systems that were designed in the late 1980s. Legacy systems, as they are now referred to, are not fit for meeting today’s business demands, work efficiently, and win more clients. Join our Progress software gurus, as they give you insights on making the ‘right’ architecture and technology decisions and their business benefits.

Watch the Recorded Webinar That Covers:

  • Legacy modernization involving low business risk.
  • Low budget migration.
  • Less time to migrate.
  • Move to a supported version.
  • Better user interface than before.
  • Easy adaptability to changing customer demands – social, mobile-ready interface.
  • Loosely coupled future-ready design allowing low cost for change.
  • High visibility of process bottlenecks.
  • Dynamic collaboration with stakeholders.
  • Automated business processes and workflows.

You can access the Presentation here:

Road to Progress Legacy Modernization – Making the ‘right’ Architecture & Technology Decisions from JK Tech

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