Social Distancing Radar: Smart AI Solution to Restart Your Business

The recorded webinar covers how our Social Distancing Radar (SDR), an AI-based solution, acts as an intelligent monitoring system and empowers your business to re-start the operations and provides a safe and secure environment to your workforce.


  • How should a business plan their jump-start through the Artificial Intelligence revolution?
  • What is JK Tech’s Social Distancing Radar solution?
  • What value add SDR will bring to your business?
  • How can any organization make use of the Social Distancing Radar to integrate with the existing surveillance system for a safe and secure workplace?
  • How IT Admin and Security Teams can take advantage of the user-friendly analytical dashboard of Social Distancing Radar?
  • How can any organization install Social Distancing Radar with minimum investment and customization in the existing infrastructure?

You can access the Presentation here:

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