Challenges of Platform and DB Support: Where Managed Service Framework Can Help

In this white paper we will examine what challenges organization faces when it comes to Platform and DB support and where managed service framework with structured service solutions fits and can help in overcoming those challenges.

Datastore (Database, data warehouse, document/file repository) of any organization is core to their business and critical to success. One survey indicates that over 40% of the organization are not monitoring their data store in a structured manner, some ad-hoc monitoring is there but that leaves many gaps and compromises on the critical area of the organization.

Growth of data store is another aspect which organization started realizing now. ‘System of record’ is becoming the subset of ‘system of engagement’. The growth of data multiplied manyfold in past few years. Organizations don’t know how to deal with the pile of data, are not sure if it’s usable and hence not able to archive or throw it.

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