Continuous Integration in Salesforce Development

This whitepaper provides a technical approach for using the principles of DevOps practices in the Salesforce development process, enabling teams to provide faster, easier and bug free CRM solutions for business.

In the current SFDC software development scenario, it pays to be quick to market and be able to focus on the business requirements rather than the development process details. DevOps culture for software development has gained rapid momentum in the SFDC development industry in the last few years. It involves adopting agile software development methodologies like Continuous Deployment, Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD). This enables them to resolve issues quicker, get instant feedback on new products and features, improve the quality of software and ultimately save cost and gain market share.

As we shall see below, the Salesforce platform is very well suited to use the Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery methodology to enable organizations to be agile.

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