Data Archiving in Progress OE DB – A Thought Paper

This whitepaper dwells on the importance of proper data retention policies considering the impact of data retention, archiving and deletion within the Business Continuity Plans.

“Although table partitioning in OE 11.4 very much addresses the performance issue in heavy volume tables, holding millions of records but other aspects remain unaddressed such as disk space, retention duration. This thought paper is taking account of all the versions of progress database also assuming that migration to version 11.4 is not happening in most of the cases right away.”

It is standard practice within the business to ensure data retention, archiving and deletion is included within Business Continuity Plans.

If the organization has no formal data retention policy for the enterprise business application, this may lead to retention of all data to date. Consequently, the database will grow in size with business growth, and the increase in database size will accelerate.

It is important that such organizations immediately embark on the project to define, agree and implement data retention policies. This whitepaper details a high-level process and approach adopted for this type of project.

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