Progress Legacy Modernization

This whitepaper examines the solutions that can ease the task of modernizing Progress legacy applications, enabling them to match the rapidly changing business needs of companies.

According to research and advisory firm Gartner, organizations spend almost 70-80 per cent of their IT budgets on maintenance. This too is optimistic and in reality, their spending on maintenance may well be as high as 90 per cent. This hardly leaves any resources for innovation, fulfilling new business requirements and responding to dynamic market conditions.

It is quite apparent that organizations now need to standardize, modernize, consolidate and Nexus-enable their application portfolios as part of their future application strategies. The challenge however is that most companies are stuck with their legacy portfolios. Break this legacy and modernize your applications!

Even if you start modernizing your application with say 20 percent of your IT budget, you will begin reducing the IT spends on the maintenance of the application. You can use this cost-saving to further modernize the app and achieve benefits far quicker than you anticipated.

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