Road to Progress Legacy Modernization: Making the Right Architecture and Design Decisions

This white paper examines how one can achieve modernization of Progress applications using a framework-based approach for up-gradation and technology adoption along with the expectations achieved from modernization initiatives.

As business demands change and focus shifts towards the enhanced customer and user-friendliness, the need for modernization is ever increasing. However, it may not be an easy decision to take; considering constrained budgets and the risk of disrupting existing business. One should take a balanced view of the organization’s immediate and long-term view and decide on the path to be taken. It is always better to follow a structured framework-based approach in order to get a complete view and take decisions accordingly.

Over the past few decades, automation has been a key focus area and investment initiative for businesses which has been made possible on a very large scale due to computerization. Business processes, by and large, have been managed via custom solutions developed for specific situations using various technologies. Whilst technology has evolved rapidly and continuously over the last few years, businesses have struggled to keep pace with this change and lack of attention has rendered the old solutions obsolete. This also poses a serious challenge for the organizations as any change in the existing technical and solution setup increases the risk to existing business while not taking any action now has a big cost associated with the maintenance of the legacy systems and most of all risk of losing customers.

Legacy modernization, therefore, needs to be a very thought-out initiative, the road to taking up a modernization program may depend upon immediate and long terms goals that are unique to each company. Many organizations that adopted Progress based technologies for years to cater to business process automation face these challenges today.

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