Shaping the Future of Business Through Digital Transformation

This white paper highlights the key areas of digital transformation and how to accelerate its achievement through various technologies and techniques.

According to Forrester, only 27% of today’s businesses have a coherent digital strategy that sets out how the firm will create customer value as a digital business. Gartner says, that 125,000 large organizations are launching digital business initiatives now and that CEOs expect their digital revenue to increase by more than 80% by 2020.

Digital technologies have a profound impact on all areas of a business, from enhanced customer experience to productivity in operations and better peer communication within an organization. Focusing on creating a customer value proposition in terms of how new services and products are being offered along with optimization of the existing services to check and improve how effectively they are being delivered is what Digital transformation may aim to achieve in most cases.

Focus Areas for Digital Transformation of Your Business Systems

  • Focus on redefining Customer Value Proposition (“What is being offered to customers”)
    • Designing products and services around interactive UI, mobility and better information access.
    • Augmenting Customer Experience with Digital Content and Social networking.
    • Enhancing and streamlining consistent customer experience across various touchpoints.
  • Focus on Optimizing the day-to-day operations (“how it is being delivered”)
    • Leverage information across channels, business partners, and supply chain.
    • Integrate all elements around points of customer engagement.
    • Keep the customer at the centre of supply chain planning and execution.

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