Usability Testing – Your Means To Assessing Your User’s Experience

This white paper describes how Usability Testing helps your application deliver the expected ROI.

An innovative product or a great service to win more customers may be the foundation of your business, but if your app or site has usability issues, it would be tough for people to discover your business’ worth. If you want your target customers to keep coming back for more, then addressing usability issues is a necessity.

Testing your applications on the usability parameters helps you isolate and address problems that your users experience. However, because of the subtlety associated with the majority of the usability issues, users are often not able to give the right feedback without some guidance.

It goes without saying that the usability of an application drives your application’s users’ engagement with your business. This is why it is vital for your development and design teams to understand how to critically examine your applications from a usability perspective.

In each phase of your application’s development cycle, starting from its ideation and business analysis to the launch and the post-launch operations, usability is a concern that should be kept in mind. In addition, not only the application’s development cycle, usability is a concern that extends to the success of almost all the user-facing operations of your business, such as advertising, direct and indirect selling, service, outbound and inbound marketing, customer support, etc. This paper intends to help you understand the role of usability testing, how it differs from the functional testing of an application, and the ways to conduct usability testing to meeting your user experience goals.

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