Learning & Development

As a knowledge-intensive organization, learning and development as well as skill enhancement form an indispensable part of our employee development program.

Every stage of our career development process is aimed at self-development of our people and their alignment with the JK Technosoft philosophy with the ultimate aim of building a dedicated, committed team of unmatched professionals.

The salient aspects of our L &D initiatives are goal setting along with continuous feedback and coaching, team building activities, active involvement of employees, skill-building, professional training and performance assessments.

At JK Technosoft, our people’s success is our success. Every employee is encouraged to strive towards the next level of personal and professional growth. A modular performance-based career development program empowers them to set and achieve new career goals. The flexibility to alter career paths, or explore new areas of specialization, is an inherent part of this program.

We strive to attract the brightest and the best young men and women from prestigious universities across India. An intensive induction program and exhaustive six-month training equip these recruits to become productive members of the organization.

At JK Technosoft, we believe in evaluating every individual at regular intervals, to provide feedback which would help in the overall development of the individual. Our appraisal process ensures evaluation of the individual on parameters such as knowledge in the work area, soft skills, professional achievements, certifications. One-to-one discussion between the appraiser and appraisee provides a platform for capturing appraisee’s goals, ambitions and areas of interest and discussing the pain areas or issues. This process is comprehensively and objectively implemented across the organization.

Our skill enhancement program, another facet of our L & D endeavors, ensures that a minimum of 11 calendar days of training is imparted to each employee.

Some of the core modules of this program include:

  • Soft Skills
    • Business Communication
    • Time Management
    • Leadership Skills
    • Presentation Skills
    • Business Etiquette
    • Cultural Sensitivity

  • Technical Training
    • Induction Program
    • Process Workshops
    • Requirements Management
    • Configuration Management

  • Tools & Technologies
    • Progress
    • Java
    • SAP
    • WinRunner, etc.

  • Methodologies
    • OOAD
    • Agile Development

  • Team Management Training
    • Outbound Team Building Program
    • Managing Performance

  • Management Development Program
    • First-time Managers
    • Senior Management


JK Technosoft encourages and facilitates across-the-board technical certification programs. Along with acquiring formal technical certification, this process also empowers employees with enhanced skills and knowledge. We sponsor these certifications and proactively arrange formal sessions between industry experts and our people.