Work Culture

We are a people-centric organization where work is a fulfilling experience, propelled by high levels of motivation, empowerment, and recognition.

Transparency and open communication, a sense of freedom, and a commitment to human values are integral to the JK Technosoft culture. We encourage a work-life balance that enables people to manage and merge professional aspirations and personal commitments.

We provide a positive work environment that instills positive attitudes among employees and provides a sense of empowerment and ownership. We put our people first and give them every opportunity to own what they do and do it to the best of their abilities and beyond.

We aim to attract and retain people who aspire to make a difference and share our vision for the future. Our work culture and environment play a powerful role in motivating, stimulating and cultivating a fulfilled and positive team environment.

Team work is the heart of JK Technology’s work environment. A variety of activities and initiatives are undertaken to inculcate the ability to work as a cohesive team. Strong working relationships are developed through on-site projects, responsibilities and team work sessions.

Rewards and recognition are an important aspect of our work culture. Merit is valued and achievement recognized. We have a dynamic multi-tiered reward and recognition system in place which plays a critical role in enhancing performance and productivity while boosting employee morale, retention and satisfaction.

Performance is recognized across levels and areas of specialization at the client site and in the offshore development centers. Employee motivation is a key focus area, encompassing our own internal reward scheme ‘Star of the Quarter,’ amongst others.

An all-pervasive esprit de corps at JK Technosoft is a direct result of consciously involving and motivating employees to participate in informal and formal activities and gatherings. It is here that key interpersonal skills and relationships are developed that bind the company into an organization of likeminded professionals.

Fun at work is our way of encouraging team building, increasing job satisfaction and enhancing productivity. We regularly organize get-togethers in office and offsite to inculcate a spirit of camaraderie and promote bonding at the individual and team levels. JKT Club is one such initiative which is proactive in organizing events that bring employees and their families together regularly. We also have inter-house and inter-company events, competitions and activities that help in building stronger teams, communication channels and leadership skills.

As a company, we are deeply conscience of our role as a responsible corporate citizen. Our CSR initiatives form an integral part of our operations and activities, and members of the JK family have ample opportunities to get involved and give back to society.