Artificial Intelligence & AI Chatbots

During the Digital Transformation process, Artificial Intelligence is used to teach machines to detect different patterns and adapt to new circumstances and can be both experience- and explanation-based.

Artificial Intelligence does not need any introduction today. Organizations are utilizing the decision-making ability at the any AI implementation. Machine learning and trained data models are helping with predictive analytics and guiding businesses towards better ROI of their investment.

AI Chatbots are helping businesses improve efficiency and quality of engagement with their customers. Ease of Chatbot integration with social media channels are ensuring omni-channel customer interactions.

JKT’s AI/ML/Chatbots expertise helps businesses in many ways, leading to the introduction of innovative technologies and more advanced concepts of artificial thinking. Through a statistical- and data-driven approach to creating AI solutions, we identify key business processes as target to help our customers to invest in high value assignments.

JKT AI/ML/DL Capabilities

  • Conversational (AI Chatbots)
    • Smart assistant
    • Personalized Communication, Multi-lingual
    • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Recommendation & Prediction
    • Collaborative Filters
    • Content-based Filtering
    • Hybird recommendations
  • Computer vision
    • Image Processing
    • Neural Networks
    • Pattern Recognition
  • Cognitive Computing
    • Sentiment/gesture Analysis
    • Behavioural recommendation
    • Cognitive Analytics
  • Data Management
    • Building Corpuses, Data labelling
    • Data Cleaning
    • Infrastructure management

AI Powered Chatbots

A Chatbot is a text and voice based interface that runs on powerful Artificial Intelligence technologies and allows the end user to interact with it in order to get information. We work with our customers in defining their Chatbot journey by identifying the maturity level of Chatbot implementation in their organization:

JKT AI Chatbot Capabilities

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