Changing World & Digitization

Digitization is a step change that will have a bigger impact on business than the internet. To win in the digital economy, companies must act now, or be left being perplexed! Digitization is adding to the ever-increasing growth of data which is now pouring in from all walks of life.

With rise in Digital technologies, Organization can no longer have to use, only their transactional data for their strategies, planning & marketing. The conservative businesses including the big ones, who skipped the wave have often struggled to survive and even perished. Digitization enables consumers with Self-service, along with personalized service adding to the attention that they expected and the quality of service they deserved, thus enhancing the services offered to the customers.

Digitization Challenges

Digitization Challenges

Within few years our world will be even more connected, integrating every house hold smart devices with estimated more than 50 billion connected objects.

Digital business empowerment is vital for any business to enhance the profitabilitability in the new digital age , JKT has created a value mechanism to help our businesses to go through the digital tranformation journey by 4 petals.

Digitization Challenges

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