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Cyber Security
An overview of how the Seceon OTM platform can quickly and accurately surface threats within your environment
This white paper details modern security challenges and describes how the Seceon OTM Platform enables you to surface threats proactively and auto respond to them in real-time.
Data Archiving in Progress OE DB - A Thought paper
This white paper dwells on the importance of proper data retention policies considering the impact of data retention, archiving...
Progress Legacy Modernization
This white paper examines the solutions that can ease the task of modernizing Progress legacy applications, enabling them to match the rapidly changing business needs of companies
Road to Progress Legacy Modernization: Making the right architecture and design decisions
This white paper examines how one can achieve modernization of Progress applications using a framework-based approach for upgradation and technology adoption along with the expectations achieved from modernization initiatives.
Shaping the Future of Business Through Digital Transformation
Making the right architecture and design decisions
Usability Testing - Your Means To Assessing Your User's Experience
This white paper describes how Usability Testing helps your application deliver the expected ROI