AI Powered Chatbot Solution

Leading Manufacturer has automated their Customer Support Services and Sales functions with AI powered Chatbot.

A leading global manufacturer and distributor of high quality shower doors etc.


The Client

A Leading global manufacturer and distributor of high quality shower doors, tub doors, shower enclosures and acrylics shower bases.

The Situation

Customer services play a vital role in success of any business and every customer expect a great experience from their service provider and if they found it bad, the churn rate is very high.

One of our clients who is leading manufacture in USA for shower doors, was looking to enhance their Customer Services, Customer Support and Sales functions to better serve their customers. They had an established and fully functional call centre team who was interacting with customers for their queries. They didn’t have customer care running for 24*7 for the customers. They often missed their interactions with customer because of limitation of staff. They wanted to automate and make the overall process more efficient.

It was also tough for them to generate lead and getting some feedback for products and services from different sources like social media and their other applications. Therefore, they were looking for a solution to satisfy their long term and short-term business strategies.

Our client is working with us in developing and managing Salesforce as a CRM tool and wanted to use that as a back-end system for data management.

JKT Solution

Based on our expertise and experience in Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence work, JKT proposed them a solution to automate their Customer Services, Customer Support and Sales functions with AI powered Chatbot. Following are the key features of the solution:

  • Automated message answering for simple and often asked questions, without the need of an agent.
  • The bot to respond to users via an on-line chat, email and other channels like IVR and mobile applications.
  • The bot to respond to users via different social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and so on.
  • Chatbot to understand gesture/sentiments of users and take appropriate action like transferring the call to human agent.
  • AI enabled chatbot to provide data insights to agent about customer, history of transactions etc.
  • AI enabled chatbot helps sales team in lead generation and find the potential customer.
  • AI enabled chatbot also works like an expert that if knowledge base grows it can lean automatically and give great assistance to the user, support team and sales team.

Our digital team evaluated various chatbot platforms like DialogFlow, Salesforce Einstein, Amazon Lex and custom Chatbot platforms like RASA. After detailed due-diligence and considering the business scenario along with future plans, Amazon Lex was decided as the target platform.

Along with Amazon Lex, LivePerson was considered as Chatbot management platform for administration, configuration, defining skills and navigation to respective Chatbot or human agent.

The AI Chatbot Architecture

Key Components

  • Source of Interaction: Various sources of interaction was considered as part of this solution like email, web forms, chat window, IVR, Social Media, mobile applications etc.
  • Chatbot management platform: In order to define the various skills and map them with respective bots or human agents, LivePerson as a Chatbot management platform is used.
  • Chatbot development platform: Using AmazonLex, the model is trained to learn from historical data. Training is done based on intents and entities defined in the solution. Natural Language Understanding (NLU) is used for understanding and parsing the user input and Natural Language Generation (NLG) is used to generate responses based on machine input.
  • Integration Layer: Integration with back-end databases is established using Lambda functions and Rest APIs.


  • Amazon Lex
  • Lambda function and Rest API.
  • LivePerson: Chat agent API and messaging SDK(Nodejs).
  • Salesforce and SQLServer
  • Facebook messaging SDK, Other Social Media SDKs

Business Benefits

  • Partially automated Customer Services, Customer Support and Sales functions with more accuracy and efficiency.
  • Integrated with their different databases like Inventory databases, salesforce database, knowledge base databases etc.
  • Proactive customer interactions with Chatbot analyzing historical data and come up with suggestions/recommendations
  • 24×7 Chatbot availability, ensuring customer support & service round the clock.
  • Seamless hand-over to human agent based on Gesture / Sentiment analysis
  • Agent and Sales team has access to deeper insights from database through Chatbot interface.